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    Trunks' Sword & Kame Torpedoes

    On Goku's move list there is no Kame Torpedoes and Trunks, whether at 20% power or 20% health, can't use his sword or even has a melee. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks in advance!
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    Need to know about Aura models

    Can someone tell me how to change the colors of the auras the characters use? I want to know b/c I want ot change Piccolo's to green and Normal Goku's aura to red.
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    Everytime i try to change the auras my ESF quits responding. Not to mention when i kill the program i cant get back into it until i restart. Can NE one help me with this problem?
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    PL increasing

    I meant is their any way to increase it without having anyone else in the room?
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    I cant connect to servers!

    I have the same problem but mine keeps saying CD key invalid and then boots me out.
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    PL increasing

    2 questions. First one. Is there any way to up your power level without killing someone? Second one. Once your PL is up how do you become an Super Saiyan?