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    Vegerunks Model

    Ah! I'm still waiting for that finished SSJ3 Goku! Any progress on those?
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    New Model....Inspired by azn_d...

    I think you should add the indentation where the other pink parts are on his arms. And make sure to have purple blood, not red blood.
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    New mirror

    Ummm...what happen? The only models I use form you is your 'havs-ass' SSJ3 goku and long haired trunks. Man the quality of these new ones aren't that good. Looks as if you rushed to just release them.....
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    Search 'WINIPCFG' I believe and it will tell you your IP.
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    Not Sure if This is a Bug

    Well check this out So by going to spectator all your doing is just going to another team and as long as you don't change your model you should have the same powerlevel, but I could be wrong.
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    Somethin odd.

    Well you can fight as a spectator.....
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    Somethin odd.

    Well when I make a server(non-dedicated, well thier always but this works on every server) and I have to leave my computer for a couple of minutes. I switch teams to spectator, when I do there is still a body that I can play with and die with, it acts like theres 3 teams Good/Evil/Spectator. I...
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    Well Snakeway had a oramgishyellow sky if I remember correctly, and the same color clounds. With out that to me it will never feel like snakeway.
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    MY shot at a trunks

    GAH! I want these models!!!!!
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    Perfect cell secret

    OK. My fault but I only watch the ones released in America(stupid edited ones) so if there is i'm sorry.
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    Perfect Transformation means you turn SSj in like a second. Theere is no SSJ4 and will most likely never will be SSJ4 becuase ESF is based on DBZ not DBGT.
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    Perfect cell secret

    You will most likely never go SSJ4, beacause, as this has been said alot, ESF is based DBZ not DBGT. So with that said, never will there be SSJ4, Pan, Ubuu or Super 17.
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    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    I must say this is a great model. I find it more fun to play with SSJ3Goku than SSJGoku, and to whoop Buu's ass is so fun. I suggest useing this than the SSJGoku.
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    MY shot at a trunks

    The Gohan is like the Veggeto(or when veggeto was first posted), the outer shirt comes down too far, and exposes too much of the inner shirt, theres just way too much blue there, it might not be too low but too wide(if this makes sence).
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    The thing below your name.

    Thanks guys.
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    I think when you start a server it does that automaticly.
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    The thing below your name.

    OK the text below your do you change it to say what you want?
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    i need help!

    That is the update file for the game Half Life and yes it is. But this mod is ESF, DMZ is just another dbz mod.
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    reference pics

    Now that is a link for you to post a image I think its like You link would be but with out the spaces. Yes thats it.
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    So... How strong do I have to be?

    You can't in beta 1. Maybe in the future like...maybe...beta 2.