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    Install help

    Alright, ive had to wipe out my hard drive, and now I have steam installed, and I can't get ESF back in there.. Alright heres whats it doin.. I installed esf into the /[email protected]/half-life folder, then I installed the csl-esfspv2 file, start the game up from steam on the third part...
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    tch.. bored...

    bored.. man... hes bored.. and he has the beta.. an whata bout us..;)
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    why perfect?

    since this IS the beta.. and you guys are making this like a perfect game (not saying it isnt) why dont u release it now? what things do you have to do to it, since its BETA that means its not gonna be perfect..
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    just curious

    i havent been to the site in forever since it was down im guessin, and did u guys finally release the beta? or u still holdin on to it....
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    whatever happened to weighed clothing

    ya know it should be like if you have it on u get power faster after u train and kill or whatnot but without it ur better fighter but dont get the pl as fast... just an idea
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    all thse models.. and new stuff on site..but..

    but.. how come yall cant put it in the game eh? and on the site you got this extra bar.. or is that just the beta 1