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    ESF Kidz

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i was so obsessed with waiting on the new 1.1 mod. so i finally thought : yes news on the site about the mod. but then: esf kids. i was screaming of anger. then i realized......... IT's APRIL 1th............. (ring a bell)...
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    Beta 1.1

    More than 9 characters can't, right??
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    My new bots

    Hey, i want to say that i really love your bots!!!!!!!! (3.1) They fight good, not better than me but it's a good challange. I like it:)
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    New Trans ideas

    No, it isn't right. this is it: 1.normal 2.ssj 3.assj 4.ussj (= allready bulked up)
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    Beta 1.1

    does the kame torpedoes come in the new beta. and how they work/ do you must stand under water/ ps. sorry shift button is broken.:cool:
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    Problem installing ESF

    ukkel, haha, i can help you. find register from esf and delete!!
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    Beta 1.1

    does any one know when (not the precisely date) when the beta 1.1 releases? (sory for my bad english)
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    Which models you want in the beta1......

    bad poll:no:
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    Beta 1.1

    And i want to say another thing: Beta 2.0 will be with ssj2 and frieza form 3, perfect cell. right??
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    Beta 1.1

    like: ............
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    Beta 1.1

    Hi, I want to say only this: i'm really waiting for beta 1.1. Plz hurry if the esforces team got the time to make the work done. I can't wait to play ESF beta 1.1. But there is something that's irritating me. The team said that the site would be onlina at (first) 13 februari, and now 18...
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    When its done, I will release, But tell me if your interested anyway!

    Hi, i want to tell you that i allready have a theme pack. all bruce song's. there is no theme i don't have from bruce. And i'm making a pack of it for esf. greetz me.