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    Importing Characters

    They should make an option in the class selection screen where one can select the option import. First you have to set up a script with the character's info, models, attacks, etc. I think it would be a great solution for replacing characters with other models, and not changing the attacks...
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    Glowing text

    In regard of te previous thread How 2 make glowing text : [TABLE style=filter:glow(color=black, strength=#+1)]YOUR TEXT HERE[/TABLE] Replace the [] with <>
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    Ultra Sayian

    Do you think the birth of Ultra Sayains will come? After SSJ 5 there can't be more SSJ levels, cause one will lose count of all the levels and hair styles. Ultra sayains should have Silver hair color and have glittering auras. Just a thought.
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    Forum text enhancements

    Can someone tell me how to put that foggy effect around ur signature below?