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    Post your funky ESF pics!

    Epic HP bar. Wooha!
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    Need some help with the video settings.

    Jus like the title suggests, it's been years since I've played regular HL let alone ESF, well I decided to play it for fun once again but for some odd reason I keep on lagging really bad & my FPS drops down to 3-8 during melee battles sometimes, I've put the video settings on software so I could...
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    Skiwans Dump (lots of images)

    Wow man. Great stuff. I really like the concepts. Nothing bad with any of them. Keep up the great work! :Edit: The last pic on there reminds me of Too Human, it looks like some of those could be used as an armor set in that game.
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    Requesting a little help.

    Sorry I do not have any art to post at the moment. I haven't posted here in quite some time. Well I am asking if anyone knows how to make a good/decent fire effect in Photoshop? A little artwork I am working on right now needs some fire effect in it but most of the tutorials I have done don't...
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    Need an opinion or two....

    Alright thank you, is the open beta the most current played version or 1.2.3? {Off-topic: I can't seem to get my sig to work hmmmm....}
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    Need an opinion or two....

    Well I haven't played this game in a couple years, since the melee system first came out. I've since then lost my HL disc. I was wondering if it was still the great game it was back in the day? I can just buy a new HL for $10 O_O that's some heavy spending there. But anyway I was just wondering...