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    The Matrix fans unite!!

    HAHA the gamecube version is about 3 cd's, badluck there hehe
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    The Matrix fans unite!!

    The what !? Well I'm looking forward to the movie and the game aswel Another movie is coming end of this year :D One con about the game: 6 F*CK*NG CD'S!!!
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    still need the list command :S
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    I tried the status thing but the numbers dont work, there was a list command... somebody remember that one ?
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    Yes that was my server... I'm trying to install admin mod now but I dont know how
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    Sound editing

    I want to try edit some sounds so I can help out a mod ;) But I dont got a program for it, so if anybody knows where I can download a little decent program, reply. First reply gets pie ! :p
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    where can I download the alpha version of the esf bots?

    Go to they have it some where in the esf beta section under misc. :]
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    I think it should be in, maybe somebody should post a poll ? :]
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    esf chat here

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    Earth League

    I used to know what it I dont ;/ :p
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    Bots v1.0 (i suppose)

    Alpha version of te bots :rolleyes:
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    Perfect cell secret

    u press Z four times fast, then do the kamehameha command from DMZ and kill yourself....:rolleyes:
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    Melee Bug

    I noticed that too, very annoying ;/
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    Piccolo! :(

    Hell ya ! :yes:
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    Connection problem!!

    Thanks P.A.T
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    Sound Problems when using Mp3's

    Well, I've tried. I guess it's your sound card then :] Sorry I can't help :talk:
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    Connection problem!!

    lol ok I apologize :D
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    more commands ? have u ?

    DUH !! :tired: Just trying to help the guy, jeeeeeeeeeeeezus !!!!!!
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    Connection problem!!

    U must have a sucky pc :shocked: