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    admin_fun 1

    Disco mode.
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    Pre-server messages

    Not that I know of. Unless there is a MetaMod plugin that does it.
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    STEAM servers

    Its a steam server side bug. Nothing server admins can do about it..
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    Server Help PLEASE

    You will need to unzip the AM package on your local harddrive and then upload the folders and files to your server. You could always ask Brian over at NetGamer to install MetaMod and AdminMod for you.
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    ESF Steam Servers

    Steam in game browser is a pain in the wazoo. Tons of servers aren't showing in the lists. Just gonna have to wait out Valve to maybe get things working right before 2008
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    Statsme_2.6.19_BR_AdminMod and ESF adminmod 2.5

    I'm not really sure if StatsMe will do anything for you in ESF. Most of the kills and death notices are different. We run the latest AM on ours and it is fine.
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    Notice - WonID's

    :warning: DragonSkater, here is a warning to help you with your boredom. Don't spam useless posts here.
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    Key Changer

    Satan, You want to try to correct me on something do it in the PRIVATE forums. The post was locked. That does NOT mean you can open it, post your two cents and close it. It is an illegal program as far as valve and Sierra are concerned and that is why the ID's get banned when it is detected.
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    Key Changer

    Take this as a warning. :warning: Do not post stuff like this here.
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    This isn't a server issue. Moving to help.
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    LAN Servers restricted from Local Clients?

    Yep. That's exactly what I did. So now I have c:\Sierra\HalfLife and c:\Program Files\Steam :)
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    server problem

    Look in either Server.cfg or listenserver.cfg for the Hostname line.
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    LAN Servers restricted from Local Clients?

    Steam installs to Program Files. It will prompt you if you want to import all of your old mods. Say no and let it install. Then you will have the new steam stuff and still have your old Won Versions.
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    =|PT|= ESF Beta 1.1 =|PT|=

    Please guys. Don't post PT stuff here on ESF forums. If you have a question for a server owner then ask on THEIR forums. Thanks and closed.
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    Closed. Do not post the same question to multiple NON-RELATED forums.
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    ServerDoc Problem-- Failed to load gfx.wad

    This on STEAM version of HLDS or the old Won Version?
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    Really n00b question about admin mod that needs help quick

    Sorry but the powerlevels are not adjustable. The team coded it that way for a reason.
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    we need more ESF servers for STEAM

    lol... when are people going to realize that valve is NOT going to do away with steam? They sunk a TON of money into the system and they will not be throwing that away. Won is scheduled to go down within a few weeks. Once that happens, you will no longer be able to play ANY half life MOD...
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    we need more ESF servers for STEAM

    When Valve shuts down WON all previous versions of HLDS will CEASE to work. Servers won't auth, clients won't auth. The in game browser will stop working as well. Now I know almost everyone dislikes steam for one reason or another but it is the future, so you might as well go over to it...
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    we need more ESF servers for STEAM

    Our server will go steam this week. Shipping a Windows box out since the new HLDS runs like total crap on Linux... :(