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    is esf playable with cs retail version?

    does esf work with gunman chronicles , it uses the half live engine
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    I cant get ESF to work

    no but what aBOUT IF U HAVE HL BLUE SHIFT:idea:
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    do you need half-Life to play

    Do you have to have the full varsion of Half-Life to play.Well for that matter do you need Half-Life to play because I don't have a copy and ALL the game stores I know are sold out:cry: ;/
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    I cant get ESF to work

    every time i try to load up ESF it either says it can't find C:\SIERRA\HALF-LIFE\ESFORCES\../HL.EXE' or it comes up with this 'open with' thing and anything I try to open it with doesen't work why wont it work? I've tried every thing I can think of...