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    FMA -automail - W.I.P.

    Hey everyone! Uhh i am back from a looooong break with a little model WIP. The model is Edward Elric Automail - from the Anime - Full metal alchemist! This is a High count poly model, just to show of.. ###### UPDATE ###### ####### UPDATE ######## Video of the new improved look...
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    Zarp is back! :P - Ironman WIP

    Hey there long time no c :smile: i can c the esforces main page is down, is the mod closing down or :\ but here is my lates wip.. made in 3dstudio max 9 like the title says! I AM IRONMAN!!!! But now i am pretty new to 3Dstudio max.. sooo how do i map it ? so i can skin it :P over and...
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    Warhammer 40K Bike!

    Hey! i am back.. :P I have had a long break from modling, and yeah now i am back, with new energi..! I am still a N00b or i think i am.?! here is my Wip Pic of my model! A Warhammer 40K Space Marins Battle Bike: Give Crits?!! :D Over and out ZARP!!!
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    Hi the n00b is back with a tien Model..! give critz

    i have deleted the SSJ3 model!! of goku and started to model Tiensinhan!! give critz!!:] i thing it is going great but what do you guys thing..!
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    My n00b ssj3Goku..! give critz!

    here is my n00bie model.. its made poly b poly.. and the sucks ass.. but if somone will help me finish it i will be glad..! And the hair suks i can make it model made of: Zarp
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    Gohan WIP ( 1, pbp model)

    here is my redo of the body! give critz
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    hmm Help me..! ( my 1. pbp model )

    my 1. pbp model (Gohan!) LOOK DOWN on the page!! My first Really Pbp model.. Give CritZ
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    Bye my Frinds

    Hmm i have made this threat becurse i what to say bye too alle my frindes here on ESF forum.. :( my internet stops tomorro (1/6-2004) soo thx for som gode critz and stuff... i will maby com online 1 or 2 times every 14 day if i am lucky!!! :( :( BYE From Zarp the n00b skinner modler...
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    2D animasion???

    do somone know a easy 2Dprogram.. i cant finde som on the net i have tryet.. can som of you guys help me..! Plz... From Zarp
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    my new sig

    what do you guy think about my new sig
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    JaK WIP ( n00b model. )

    HEre is my first really model.. it is not so cool but i am just a n00b... give som critz:p
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    Jak and Dexter 2

    *EDITTED, recruiting people is not allowed.*
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    Chibi Goku skin...!

    Chibi goku...! need animators!!! Hey here is my new skin style what do you think... model : kreshi skin: me! my old: My new:
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    My 2. model..! YAMCHA 1.1!!!!!

    HEY HEY HEY!!! I am making my 2. model... WEE!!!! This is Yamcha...! Crits: model: [Team Z] - Zarp Arms: Kreshi here is a pic: giv crits!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---EDIT--- I am really in need of Help my milkshape is out of...
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    My R15 bot! ( my first model )

    HEY!!! here is my littel try on my R15 bot from my own cartoon i am making.... ( JOSH´S aventure ) i need one to skin map it and animate it for me...! please pm if you can help i have rref pic of how it shall look like..! Critz ME!!!!
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    My gogeta reskin

    Hey..! i have try to skin this gogeta..! crit for the model: Kreshi Skin my self normal & SSJ*drpFgJ0daaemLh1ngY*7sYn0ya6Fb91!RXSZVmk4MQfrljQBX4W6AKT6!2PWDENv3eo3G!cWyfjynC2vlj89we3dxPJfrUw/FINISH.jpg?dc=4675458423170224056 Normal...
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    Need!! Toturial!!!!!

    Hi know i have look after a skin toturial in 3 weeks and have still not found one...!!! :S Please give a link to a skin toturial with pic!!:rolleyes: For the on i can finde here on esf have no pic more!:warning: Please help me!!:p From!!
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    Nuttzy Brolly is back!!! NEW Skin WIP!!

    hi.... Here is my skin (WIP) of brolly :shocked: Hope it is ok with you nuttzy...:] Critz: Model: Nuttzy:shocked: Skin: ME!! :p Her si a pic... lol it is a start!! :p Give Critz!!!! *EDIT* UPDATE!!!!!
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    Kreshi SSJ goku skin WIP

    hey this is my try on Kreshi ssj goku...:laff: all citz going to Kreshi...!!!! Here is a pic of my skin!!! i still a n00b to this skinning fing....?! Hmm give com critz *EDIT* HEY there is allready a update!!!:shocked: here is 2. pic!!! Give som Critz to the skin
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    yamchu skin

    yamcha skin Hey.. o_o I am making a new yamcha skin... :yes: Give som Criz. :cry: i have nerly forgot this....! Model: AZN Dragon :yes: Skin : ME :p I cant write Englich so the are som wrong Word i am just 14 year :( and from Denmark ;/