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    who is the fool, the fool or the fool who dose this personality test? (SW)

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    Valve and VU Settle

    Ill agree i was with the steam haters at the beginning because of huge problems and bugs with the program but its gotten ALOT better and now is a fantastic piece of software the only problem will be when i cant afford inet and wont be able to play some games.
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    Musicvideo by moi

    Wow i havent posted anything in this forum in a long time so it means i really like the video much better and different then most of the crap that is pumped out.
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    Kenny Rogers Jackass

    Quite funny but not as good as Chris Farleys sketch from snl where he falls through the ice......and i cant find it anywhere!!!
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    Age of Empires III announced!

    My 486 wont be able to run it? shucks....
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    What were your resolutions?

    Save enough money to get out of horrible right wing alberta.
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    Any pilots?

    Hi im just wondering if there are any pilots on this forum...i realize most ppl are very young here but ill ask nonetheless i plan on getting my private license and i was wondering if it is worth it.
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    Happy for a friend.

    Then maybe ill turn it into a religious flame war :P and to say how dare i judge him? I have lost a family member to suicide and i know that his reason for doing it revolved around something so trivial and foolish that it turns my stomach just to think of it....So i know that more often then not...
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    Happy for a friend.

    Two words emotional weakness and their unberable life? go live in somalia or etheopia
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    Happy for a friend.

    Wow thats harsh but i have no pity for the man suicide is the most cowarldy selfish act one can commit....if they thought for 1 second about ther family and friends and the impact it would have on them they would never have done it in the first place......ppl who kill themselves make me sick and...
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    Greatest Axe Skills out there:

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    Training.... exercising...

    I dont know if this is answered yet or not but some simple conversion for you americans :) 1kg=2.2lbs
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    Snes game music

    LOL THE PUNISHER for nes seriosly i have no idea why
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    Is it better to have loved and lossed, then to have not loved at all?

    Its better to never have loved......oh and make damn sure the next girl you get is over her ****up of an ex......i really shouldnt have beat him up :) Oh and sex doesnt nesasarilly cheapen a relationship it only does if thats all u are looking for....Bloody churchies.....made my ex break upwith...
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    Do you smell like a million bucks???

    Axe phoenix no real reason except that my old girlfriend really loved it
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    When is the forum comp winners thing going to be used?

    ^^^^^^ simple question
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    Broly with color *paint*

    lol thats amazing i like the sarcasm as well super
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    What song are you listening to right.... NOW Revived!

    maybe tommorow - stereophonics
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    Advanced Melee Steps 3,4,5 + Video

    Does the pause while charging attacks leave you vulnerable to being disc attacked or beam attacked by anothe rplayer?
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    New Bots?!?!

    know what i stink like poo :laff: :fight: :devgrin: