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    Installation Problem!!!

    already tried that. besides, when i even start the installation program the path is already set to my HL directory...
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    Installation Problem!!!

    I installed my ESF from ESF-World and I install it. I go to the shortcut on the desktop, double click on it and it says it can't find steam.exe. I'm using WON, not Steam. I checked the other thread and it said to force it into the Half-Life directory, it was automatically installed there, but I...
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    To anyone who can help with an installation problem!!!!

    i have the same problem except instead of not responding, in the first 5 seconds it crashes, like the thing in xp that says ESFBeta11.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvienience. then i get to chose if i should send a msg to microsoft. whichever i chose...
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    installing help

    argh I dont know what the hell is wrong. this game works on sum computers but not others!!!!! on my friends computer he installed this fine. then i tried it on mine, IT CRASHES!!! we both have windows xp!! im so pissed off please help...