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    Esf Mp3

    You need to go into your esf folder and into mp3 there wil be a mp3 playlist editor type thing there
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    I think thats DMZ btw about the guide from budokai or something or woteva i think they are basing the MOD on the dbz series so they probaly wont use that or at least thats what i have seen so far anyway
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    Any bots that fight back?

    The ssj thing is a code bug type thing i believe... This bot is only a teaser so you shouldn't really expect much from it... The bots aren't supposed to be played in team mode because they don't know how to tell the difference between a teamate and enemy its a deathmatch only bot...
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    configuration problem!

    I dunno i dont' av it myself but uhh are u trying to edit it from the cfg file or going into the half life menu > configuration > controls?
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    Some Attacks doesnt work

    Maybe coz ur comp can't handle it wots ur specs? trying lowering the detail + resolution mite work
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    Beta 1.1

    Well dmz is dieing i might fink it really needs it coz it usually crashes alot and is laggy... esf feels the same for alot of people but i av not ad the problem ever since changing a few thingies
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    How do I increase my FPS?

    Being the n00b i am frames per second wot does it exactly do why u need it so high if u get me coz me on voodoo3 i usually get 97fps average
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    more ideas for trunks.. idea..

    Implementing it as a finisher cud be beta like once ur opponent has down to critical hp once u melee him again he takes out his sword and slash slash... Tho i feel trunks needs more attacks so far hes not all that good to use its only if u know how to use the guy
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    Problem with Riverside

    I found u became slower as u used the finger laser if u wanted to track someone to kill u wud always be like 5 hours behind them tho i guess its suppsoed to be but Frieza in the Frieza saga just didn't feel like that..
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    possible hack out

    Are u sure nottin happened like kills and deaths between him and other players?? he cud of used an exploit hmmm
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    trying to get by

    Maybe hes on bout the patch or maybe he has not got beta 1
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    some ideas

    Until u reach at PL at wot u can sustain ssj3?
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    ahem...the spirit bomb.

    Thats only coz on kai's planet there wasn't that much life energy therefore only being able to do a small amount.
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    Mystic_Ryu Gohan Model Sound Pack

    Is he making it for the release?
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    custom attacksets?

    Ya but this is based on dbz series and bfp used to be based on it which is why it uses custom attack sets?
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    At least we know its coming sooner then expected?
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    Custom Scouter Color Vote!!!

    Aqua or Blue! may i ask is that all u do with the scouters just change their color or do u av some other purpose which happens aswell?
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    custom attacksets?

    BFP changed did it not....
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    Watch the cell saga and where trunks goes ussj and trys to beat cell and u will find out another example is wen gohan is kicking the **** out of cell and he expands himself to this mondo size
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    Who do you think is the best Character?

    I can use trunks in a deadly way yes gotta love trunks