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    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Me....>.> Me and mah girlfriend! :D
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    This is why I'm awesome. :D

    He had also decided to take my phone and snap a photo, rofl.
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    Full powered attack stuns the player slightly

    Launching attacks such as Kamehameha so fluently seems so...not DBZ, right? I think that if I were to power up a kamehameha wave to the max power after being beaten up, or being a bit low stamina, the player should then stop where he/she is and pant as if they are totally drained of energy...
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    My girlfriend's creations!

    Here. :)
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    My girlfriend's creations!

    To be honest, I probably would not have. But in all reality, I am genuinely trying to get her stuff out there. I do enjoy thoroughly this forum though, and I've been tracking the progress of ESF since like the early 2000s. :3 I guess I can understand what you mean by a lame first impression...
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    My girlfriend's creations!

    Easy there, dude. I've been part of this forum for a long time, I just decided to sign up with my Steam account. Also, that's not very nice. :/
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    My girlfriend's creations!

    LOL, you're right! It's just that I know and love this forum and decided to share it with some fellow ESF players. I don't know, haha. :) That made me crack up..:fight:
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    Amazing Dad, watch this nao!

    I saw this a couple weeks ago. I love this guy; great wake-up call to whiney angsty teenagers.
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    My girlfriend's creations!

    Hey ESFers, my girlfriend has an Etsy page and she loves to make necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry of that manner. I'd like to know what you guys think, as I'm very proud of her! :3 She even made me a Dragonball chain made of beads to hang from my backpack XD...