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    ESF Melee System Idea (Warning this is a very long Thread)

    By the way this is a very very very very VVVEEERRRYYY long thread. ESf Melee Idea In the ESF version now you target the other player swoop in and knock em' to the ground unless he blocks, my idea is that when you target the another player and swoop in 1 of 3 things could happens. One...
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    When you fire a beam, and try to turn it, the entire player turns along with the beam, and since the player turns along with the beam, you can't direct to where you want it to go.
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    Check It out!

    Hey there is the great game called Majins And Mystics, It a DBZ game, I been playing it for a while now and it's really fun. Here's the link: You'll have to download Byond so you can use Dreamseeker to play the game(s) online but It woun't atke long. Check It Out...
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    Bending the beams

    When you fire a beam the beam bend and the entire player turn along with it. If I wanted to shoot someone who's moving I wouldn't be able to shoot him accuratly because the entire character turn along with it.
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    20 Ideas

    This thread was created in notepad, I've had a lot of time to do this. Some of these might and might not be possible, and I know that. Once again I'm not demanding or ordering, i'm suggesting. Most likely none of this will actually be implemented into the game, I'm just speaking my mind...
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    More Ideas

    I'm sorry if this sound like an order, but it's not, it's just how I write More Ideas: 1. Scouter: When you use the scouter, the scouter shouldn't look like a map that tells you where the characters are in a certain distance, it should be like a view where you have to...
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    A dozen Suggestions

    This Thread was created 1/4/03, Posted 1/5/03 The following things i'm gonna say, are thing i just jotted down in my notepad, some of them might sound stupid, silly, impossible or describe a DragonBallz RPG game, which most likely is not possible of HL, please don't laugh, hate me, crit...
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    First Ques, will the team make another Beta for Esf? and if so, will there be new guys like, Gotenks, 1 or 2 more forms of buu, Veggetto and so on?
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    Some Questons and Suggestons

    This is a Queston, in the new Esf, instead of when you powerup you raise you KI, coundn't be you raise your power level, and lower it to trick people what your real level is when they use the scouter. I mean it seems more sensible to me that you'd raise you PL instead of your KI. Also, is...
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    What Does it take?

    What does it take to join the ESF team? You know, what are the requirement, what need to be on a resume if I wanted to join?:paper:
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    Level Problem

    When me and my brother play ESF we can only play a certain amount of levels, like AFM, Cell_Day and Night, Mtside, and Geoarena, all the other levels don't won't when two computer try to join on a Lan network(Yes a Lan network). FOR SOME ANNOYING REASON IT DOES NOT JOIN IN ANYOTHER LEVEL! can...
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    HL and Q3

    HL and Q3 both have dragonballz mods for the programs, in my opinion neither are better than each other, or at least to some point. The BFP(DragonBallz) for Q3, is good, i've played it, it has 6 different chars, that has powers and abillities like in DBZ, but the chars don't even look like dbz...
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    when i first heard

    I always thought that it would be avialible to DL sometime in the morining american eastern time or something like that.
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    The Very First Version Of ESF

    Does anyone know or still knows about the very first version of ESF.