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    gokus dragon punch

    there shud b gokus dragon punch in the next version... i dont really have a pic 4 it... but the ppl who has seen the 'dragonball' series and the dragonball gt series shud no wat i am talking bout. In the dragonball series, u c goku using his dragon punch on (4got the name) the namek person. In...
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    game always crashes when i the game starts

    whenever the game starts my esf always crashes, i havent been playing it for a while. i never worked ever since i installed amx 4 cstrike, i uninstalled it and still it doesnt work.
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    2 questions plz answer

    1. y does esf always close when ever i try transforming 2. i cant get the the button above tab to work its only worked once :cry:
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    when esf starts...

    when esf starts my computer always closes it :cry:
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    It Wont Load The Library:'(

    i cant get esf to work... it says the library wont load... the client.dll wont load :'(