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    Battle of 6800 GTs, Galaxy vs Gainward Ok, here are the competitors. Take a look at the pages (and more sources ?) and answer the following question. Which is better, and why ? I prefer my Galaxy 6800 GU of...
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    Nude model for #18

    I had to make this question ... Would you like to see a nude model for Android 18 ?
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    Tupac (2Pac) comes back ?

    Will rap artist Tupac come back ?
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    Master Roshi in ESF 1.3 ?

    Should Master Roshi be in ESF 1.3 ?
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    C&C Generals crates

    Where did those "surprise crates" disappear from Generals ? I loved to collect them in C&C, RA, TS and RA2 ...
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    Zero hour favorite general ?

    the title says it all. My vote goes to "Prince Kassad"
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    a question about CnC Generals ZH

    Do you know something about the lowest upgrade of Quad Cannon (see the picture below) ? I have taken this pic from 2nd GLA mission in Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour ... this mission's objective is to capture 3 Prince Kassad's strongholds ...
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    Shaking ground ?

    Ground should start shaking a bit when player with highest PL transforms or charges his KI ... And higher PL you have, bigger rocks fly when you transform or charge your KI. Wouldn't these be nice ?
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    New attack for Vegeta ?

    Remember the "DragonBall Z 115 - Secret of Dr.Gero" ? In the end of that episode Vegeta used an unknown attack. I've got a pictures too. What do you think ?
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    What do you like my new DBZ wallpaper ?

    Well, the title says it all. I captured this picture myself. You can save it if you want.
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    Tekken 4 vs Soul Calibur 2

    So, which do you like more ?
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    ATI HL2 tickets ... ?

    Do i get free Half-Life 2 if I buy ATI Radeon X800 XT ?
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    Beamstuggles ...

    I suggest that when 2 or more players are in beamstruggle, teammates could give some of their KI to those players so there won't be those "15-min-beamstruggles-which-will-blow-up-entire-map", you know. Great idea, eh ? Or if that BS happens on map where are Senzu beans, teammates could throw...
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    Fusion in 1.3 ?

    I'd like to add Gotenks to ESF 1.3 If you're Trunks, you can wish "Fusion" with dragonballs and you transform into Gotenks. Goku and Vegeta should have that "Fusion" option too and when you choose that you will transform into Vegito or whatever he's called. Piccolo fuses with Kami so I...
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    alpha 2.0 explosions for 1.3 ...

    I suggest that the ESF Team would bring the explosions from alpha 2.0 to version 1.3. They were so nice, but crashed the game. Little fix would be nice. ESF 1.2b explosions are nothing comparing to Alpha 2.0 ones. Again. If it's possible, fix and bring those Alpha 2.0 explosions to 1.3.
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    Piccolo's special melee sug.

    Have you seen Dragon Ball Z episode 222 where Vegeta performs his Ultimate Sacrifice ? Anyway, Piccolo kill Babidi with one hit and Babidi goes into 3 pieces. I think that attack would be nice in ESF or EVM. Just select that attack, charge it, go near the enemy and release it. Damage should be...
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    Explosions 1.1 vs 1.2

    Which explosion do you like more ? 1.2 style or 1.1 style ? My vote goes to 1.1 style ...
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    Radeon X800 XT or GF 6800 Ultra ?

    Which one of these two you'd buy ? My vote goes to Ati ...
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    DBZHooD and DBU

    I've read that there is two unfinished DBZ mods for Unreal Tournament 2004. DBZHooD is both single and multiplayer and DBU is only multiplayer. Those of you who have UT2004 should download at least one of these when they are ready. I'm going to download that DBZHooD (DragonBallZ Heroes of our...
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    Opinions about current ESF

    check the title ;)