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    i think Goku is the best
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    Pumping PS?!?

    I like that idea VERY much!!!
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    thanks im seeing forward to this mod i really like it
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    And by the way i think that this renzouku looks better
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    Ive got a question EVM didnt show much progress and the cx2 clan quittet is this esf mod closed???
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    New Aura

    wow the aura is looking REALLY good!!!!!!
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    Battle Damage Vegeta -WIP-

    did you find some??? (time)
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    New Saiyan Saga Vegeta

    Vegeta Please post a pic and a download link!!!
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    Downloading Alpha 2.0

    does anyone know which version off akimot is required to play alpha 2.0?? or is there an offical alpha 2.0 bot??
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    Ssj2 Goku Edit Release

    is this Goku a skater??? he looks really funny look at his trousers!!!
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    The Good Ol' Days

    I think that the powerstruggles looked very good and the beams where much bigger in the front!!!
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    Final Shine

    dont you understand ?? Its very powerfull but it needs to charge up at least as long as genkidama!!=?? It would be very cool and you can only use it for several times
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    Final Shine

    final shine should be included because its one of the special attax which is powerfull .... goku has genki and its powerfull 2 final shine!"!"!
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    Final Shine

    how about that you can put so much ki into your attack that you die??? you can fire it then but after it you have 0 ki left and die you can charge up all attacks wit all your ki....... that´ll be cool
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    Final Shine

    I think final shine sould be includet ........ its a cool attack and you could balance it easily if you use it your ki go down to 1 mill or somethin like that or you can only use it as normal vegeta because normal vegeta is too weak (i know renzouku or whatevaaa)
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    Triple meha Double Meha and Kao Ken

    i think it would be cool if you turn your aura on and your beam gets bigger in size and than you can press your enemy away like ´goku dows it with kaio ken
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    transformation during the blockstrugglnig

    When you transform in a beam struggle there should be something like on gokus transform!"!
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    Speed factor:

    I think there should be an Aura wich drains KI very much and with this aura you can fligh much much much much faster than with the normal....... you cant attack the enemy with this aura and so on.... i think this would be a good idea........ :|
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    I heard that goku uses in the shot kaioken as SSJ Can u please tell me the episode in which he uses it??!! Thanxx Greetingzz
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    Power Strugle fixed?

    I was ssj and much stronger than the other player we both charged up kame with gohan and he won......