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    Same as ever

    About two years, three years ago, I was doing some amateur modeling in these forums... and now that I've come back to visit, I can see that nothing's changed. You guys are still pumping out awsome freelance content, ******s still can't figure out how to put ESF into Steam, still talk of adding...
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    What every modeler really needs... news at 11...

    ...Well, it's simple really. File formats. My story is a shining example of this frustrating obstruction to making models: as a patron of HL1, I began in Milkshape. Then when this community started getting into 3ds Max, I went with you guys. Then when I wanted to model for HL2, I switched...
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    Free-One-Pic-Host getting Annoying.

    It really bugs me that so many of you are using this site for hosting your images. I'm guessing the images expire after a while, because I get 404 errors from nearly everyone who uses this. Here's what I use: It never expires. It just doesn't. And you can remote-link the file...
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    Chrono Trigger's Chrono

    Yet another Fighters Unlimited model. [Chrono | Chrisknyfe | 3ds Max] [See below for updates] Heavily WIP. Besides the above crits, what else could this guy use? (besides a skin... I'm going to talk to Almighty_Gir to get some advice on skinning muscles and facial features.)
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    An Akuma Model

    [Akuma Update] :| Modeled by : Chrisknyfe |: Yep. This is what I've been doing lately. Drew myself some refs (which I have now lost... grr...) and they seemed to have worked out the proportions well. Extruded the arms instead of trying to fool around with combining spheres (although the feet...
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    Swoop Speed Cvar? (problems after using Mr. Satan's ListenServer)

    After using Mr. Satan's Listen Server config (sorry to see that the thread was closed over such foolish issues,) my swoop speed is the same as my normal walking speed. What is the cvar for swoop speed, and also it would be useful to know the cvars for walking speed as well. Is there a sticky...
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    Glowey Middle-Of-Screen Text

    What is the command for the glowey in-game text, like when a 1.2 server displays "ESF Bot 1.2", or in the beginning of Half Life single player when they show the credits and then "Subject: Gordon Freeman," and all that text. Slap all that ^ in the form of a question... EDIT: Yes I've tried...
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    Custom Model System

    I was thinking- we have HECKA custom models for ESF, just look at this place! There's got to be a better way to manage changing models, perhaps even in-game. So here's my suggestion: build in a model-changing system for ESF, so that when ur ingame, not only can you see the custom model...
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    Of websites and templates...

    So here's what I've been trying to figure out for a while... A lot of sites, like ESF, Mechmod, Final Fantasy The End, and the former redsaiyan, hell any site that takes itself seriously has a "template" page where there's a box in the middle for content and a sidebar off to the side, splash...
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    KH Cloud WIP (Skinner Needed!)

    Welp folks, this is what I've been doing for the past week. Like with everything I do it needs a better skin. I'm no digital artist. :cry: Bzzat!: This is being made for a Quake 3 mod, known as Fighters Unlimited. I'll probably release it for ESF 1.2 once it comes out as well. Critz...
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    Android 18 (wo0ot!)

    Android 18 (Any skinners interested?) Well, here's my new Android 18 model. The skin is cheap right now, I'm going to work more on that later, unless someone else wants to try their hand at this. For the smoothshaded model or skinmaps, check this out:
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    Good ol' file hosting

    I figure we could all share our hosting triumphs (if any) and failures (so many) here. Personally is really good for website hosting, but its image hosting that bites. Is there a no-watermark, no-daily-bandwith, hotlinkable free image host out there? Am I too picky and...
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    Avatars (I know, I know)

    I'm aware that people have asked about the broken avatars about a million times already, but is there anyone, maybe some sort of mod person, who could place this image as my avatar? If not, its cool, I'm willing to wait for the next forum update.
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    In-forum model viewing (I saw this somewhere)

    Somewhere someone had a small plugin that allowed you to actually view a model in your web browser and be able to turn it, zoom in and out, etc. It was preety cool, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this besides me (I might be going crazy, I dunno.)
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    New Model: Who Doesn't Like FFXI?

    This is my first posted model here, though I have been modeling/skinning for quite some time. The following is the Curiass model, for those of you who are fans of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XI (that online crap... BAH!) ---------------------------- The body suit comes first...
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    Linking Maps

    Like in the original Half-Life, can one create maps that link to eachother that could be played multiplayer?
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    What Happened To RedSaiyan

    The Redsaiyan Site is Down!!! I WANNA DOWNLOAD MORE STUFF!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE IT WENT??? (mods move this if this isn't where it belongs, cause I dunno)
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    1.1 preview movie BBLLAARRRRGGGG!!!!

    The 1.1 preview video's link is broken on the main site!!!!!!! BBBLLLLAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys.... *sniff* you guys are the best.... *stopped crying*
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    Beta Bots

    Problems. First of all, I add a bot using the "addbot" command, and I see the red dot, but it doesn't show up on the map. Second, what commands can I use to modify the bots (their names/class/team/ etc.) Could anyone please post some commands, advice, or links to other threads or sites to...
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    Redundant: .MDL compiling

    HOW?!!?!?!? HOW?!!?!?!? WHERE'S THE MAGIC PILL TO COMPILE .MDL FILES?!?!?! WHERE'S THE SECRET CODE, THE EXE, THE OBSCURE RUMOR, THE BACKWATER SITE WITH THE ANSWER?!?!?! <table style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>...