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    ESF crashes before starting

    I recently installed the ESF 1.2.3 patch and the Half Life update (I think it's the current one, it's, and any Half Life mod besides ESF will work when I go in to LAN game, but not ESF. Instead before it's about to start, when it's loading the sounds etc, it comes up with an error for...
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    Block Struggle and Combos

    Hi it's me again and I'm thoroughly enjoying 1.2. One question, I can't seem to begin a block struggle against a beam anymore, it would just explode when it hit me. It works for things like the Spirit Bomb though, does anyone have an idea? Also is it possible to block an attack during a combo or...
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    ESF beta 1.2 installation, pls help!!

    When i first downloaded beta 1.2 lite version, when i tried to install it came up with something about an I/O error. Since then I've downloaded it 6 times, occasionally downloading the full version which never opened at all for some memory file reason. Can anyone tell me why the lite one won't...