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    Is it possible to disable or remove the "kill" console command from the mod? Some guys really abuse it left and right so they don't rack up kills (some guy who's name I won't mention on these forums, but he used to be called "liquidsnake", if he's got a guilty conscience maybe he'll know) and...
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    freeza disk

    omg I hate the freeza disk take it out! i host a server and this one guy named a$$clown could throw it! and catch it and hold it! and throw it again! and I could not move because I forgot my move keys! so I say "Hey a$$clown stop throwing disk or I BAN you" so he throws the disk and...
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    Another transformation suggestion thread.

    Just some suggestions, maybe. I'm not sure if some of these will work with HL code since I've never programmed it before: 1. Make the radius of the transformation sound larger so that more players farther away will be able to hear someone transforming. Right now it's ok, but you have to be...
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    Possible effect for transformations?

    Just an idea... Would it be possible to pan the camera in a circle around your character in third-person when they transform to give it a more cinematic effect? Just an idea, I figure it might be kind of difficult to program though.