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    War Of Genesis WP

    its too bright so it hurts ur eyes. mek it a bit darker
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    wich hair suits him best

    3 is best. its one thats a bit more original. even though it doesnt look like gotenks it still rox
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    i dun get was so funny bout it
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    BLAM Wallpaper

    i put it as my background just like with the other wallpaper
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    Kreshi SSJ goku skin WIP

    he looks.....dirty. just like chosen saiyan has said. it looks like he took a bath in the mud.
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    Courage CG

    :D i forget what it was calld so i didnt say anything lol
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    Courage CG

    OMG. you know what that reminds me off. Its the movie with silverster stalone.(wher he plays judge dredd). its just like the city n stuff. gj mayn
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    Ssj Goku Skinned

    now that looks pretty kewl
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    Goku Drawing (im 13) please give critz

    yah its an allrite drawing but what i dont understand is that i see all these ppl saying how old they r as if that would matter. 6.5/10 just the colouring threw me off
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    Ssj Goku Skinned

    vash is rite. it looks like a drawing and he ...doesnt really look like goku much.
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    My first picture ever

    its a db with just.....simple circles....its ok on the eyes but the star is too tiny still
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    Gaming System artwork?

    thats fukd up and too low qual for me
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    Gaming System artwork?

    thats fukd up and too low qual for me
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    Trigun WP

    yeah but how does alpha and omega that fit to trigun(not seeing any episodes i wouldnt know)
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    Trigun WP

    lambda is not owned by half life....its owned by greeks!!!! so leave it if u like it ther
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    Human Model

    mayn his waist is sooo thin. it dont look rite
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    Something Lost..

    the kid looks a bit like fei...just the hair. good job either way:)
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    chibi trunks model done

    legs r like...bent. it isnt great:(
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    cel-shaded goku

    it doesnt look too bad. i could play with it but the legs r ****d
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    sensitive girl

    DAAAAAAAMn. thats all i gotta say