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    Question: Can we do think in ESF Final?

    Oops i wrote it wrong in the title... Two questions: Can we do this in ESF Final? Look at 2:32-2:40 when he punch goku and then teleport the same place and then punch him again without moving by clicking the simple melee or something... can we do...
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    Please make NEW Xmas or New Years trailer !!!

    Everyone (especially me) want to see new trailer for this epic game I just want a new trailer to see the new stuff and new cool stuff even if you showcased them before... I just really want another trailer so please make it happen for my (our) Christmas present !!!!
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    Can you upload new gameplay ? (Because now youtube supports 60fps)

    Title Please can you upload a brand new gameplay with really cool new stuff and better map like Cell Games or something and without an egg... ? And upload it with really good graphics (good pc) and 60fps ok ? Thanks we all really appreciate it !!!
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    New info about the progression of the game ? (Can't wait !!!)

    Title I want to know if there is new info and that stuff... Thanks
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    The Crew Beta code request (if i can't open a thread like that please just close it)

    If it's not allowed to open thread like this just close it because i didn't knew it... I saw The Crew beta just came out and i tried to get a code but i didn't got one so anyone here have a code for me or extra code or something ?!?! please i really want to play this beta.
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    [Old PotW] POTW 6/29/2014 Cell games graphics update

    Nice progress !!! btw when another gameplay but real gameplay (without egg or something with real character and animations) is going to be released ?
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    In ESF Final there will be instant transmission kamehameha

    Title + I mean if you can charge the kamehameha and then quick use transmission and w or other button to disappear foward and then launch the kamehameha ??? And can you move with charged kamehameha and other beams ?? Sorry if this has been asked before i didn't find it.
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    Will there be super spirit bomb in esf final ???

    Title Please can you dev team think about it (or you have super spirit bomb already) when you can go a super saiyan quickly or almost ssj 2 or something like that You can go base form and fill the spirit bomb to full power and then if the spirit bomb hit but somebody trying to block it like...
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    Good basics modeling and animating tutorials on 3ds max

    Can somebody give me good and clear starting modeling and animating tutorials in 3ds max thanks it will help me because i want to know how to model and animate better i know just a very little and with the starting tutorials can you give me more good and clear advanced tutorials for better and...
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    Why didn't you adding adult gohan for final release ??

    Title Thanks for help and btw i'm didn't found that question in the forum Btw i'm hype to see the auras for esf final and if this game had w.i.p ssj god goku (i know you doesn't making him) so i'm sure his aura would be the most badass and beautiful aura ever.
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    i have question about beams

    if some one fire a beam on nearby player that he is a friend or brother or just anyone can i deflect the beam just like piccolo did in this video in 19:40-19:50 ??? thanks for help and if you can't please think of adding it video...
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    if your powerlevel will be higher so the speed will faster ???

    title (*will be faster*) and it is need to have a max speed if you have it or plan it it may be good and may not i don't know i am just asking
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    suggestion to make 2 phases or full game release petition again (inside details)

    Hello Esf Team and the fans i want to suggest to release a 2 phases release instead of full game release again i know it's will take more time to the team and it was officaly that it will be 1 phase for full game but i think now the opinions is changed from the last offical thread that we should...
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    did you guys don't uploading photos because of new years trailer ???

    are you working on new years trailer ??? and thats why you are don't uploading weekly photos ?? Thanks For Help !!!
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    Latest video from Raven about destruction test on esf final

    Hello this is a video from esf team of destruction test by Raven but remastered audio and video quality is by me ! XD Note: this is only a prototype level Raven used for his school essey on level deestruction in games. The feature is not a 100% guarantee to even be in the final Remastered...
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    there is still create game mode like with bots and lan with my brother/friend

    Hello i don't know if this asked before but i still wanna know if there will be a bot system without bugs and all that and i can to be connected alone with my brother and or friend near me and there will be a commands ?? because it is pretty good for training and to be alone with friends and...
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    [Old PotW] Go Krillin !!!! awesome model

    Wow awesome krillin model need a little fix but still awesome can't wait to see more models especially ssj goku and his other forms !!! look it here because i can't to upload but it is here
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    esf final destruction

    how does it will works ??? just like battlefield 4 ??? that you have free destruction or what i don't understand it and i know there is a questions on the site but i still don't understand someone can please help me to understand how does it will works ??
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    2 phases for esf final (just like demo) suggestion

    did you can to do 2 phases for the esf final just like a demo (i know you already ask it but i think everyone now wanna this) because all of us really want this game to play it and feel it and i don't talking about beta or something with a the bugs i mean a full demo with no bugs maybe just a...
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    Did you do a new year trailer like last year ???

    title btw it is was awesome i trust of your taste so do something special !!!