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    strat guide

    Yeah...the aim of the game is to kill eachother...what's wrong with telling people how to kill better...? I do agree though that you shouldn't teach them your own personal playing style and how to kick tremendous amounts of butt. Although there is nothing wrong with's your own choice...
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    Prince Vegeta

    I reckon he needs more attacks too. Him and Trunks need more attacks. I don't like the Galit Gun attack's too easy to spot.
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    strat guide

    You guys take this too's just a game.
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    What on God's good earth is steam

    So what's WON?
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    Downloading !!!!!!!

    What download managers do you guys use? I'm using getright but it cant seem to connect to any.
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    Gohans shield attack thing

    didnt Gohan destroy the Macio Star with a Masenko?
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    Senzu beans

    Or maybe on team games have a selected healer who is a lot (or little) weaker than everyone else.