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    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Im a big fan of strategy games *i think thats the right name* and ive just completed R:TW so i want to know what you guys think i should get next.... the new LOTR game looks pretty gUt. :cool:
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    Snake Eater >_<

    It seems every site i go on to try and get info about the game and to find out when it comes out they all say different dates... could somebody please tell me a date they know for sure/have some sort of proof thanks. PS doesnt it look schweet <(^_^)>
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    1.3 @[email protected]

    Im new to ESF and im currently lovin it :laff: I know you guys have probably answered this time after time but i want to be sure... when is ESF comin out :rolleyes: PS. Dont mock me i was once like you!