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    I thank you UK and British Forces

    I thank you UK and British Forces and other allies that our supporting us in the war in Iraq I thank you. i hope all american and british forces return safely. But I dont thank the French sorry.:no:
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s,10850,6019667,00.html Read the caption. LOL i didnt think they could say that
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    Subliminal messages wait for it to load it just shows there are Subliminal messages in alot of things Listen to the song its cool some song played backwards says the lords prayer
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    Funny yet true for most people on the internet

    LOL You know its true Watch the posts and views go up LMAO
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    New Flaming Comic Book Hero***/index.html u have to change the stars to [email protected] with an a replacing the @ ok I know some of you'll will like it hehe j/k
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    BigJ's BIG Bug List (pics)

    I will put all the bugs I find here. Pics will be in all of them. Go to site below them for more info. I have found all of these bugs New one i just found this one happend when i was block psing against a spirit bomb but behind me was gohans shield then the spirit bomb went away but i...
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    What happend to the Jap Pack

    What happend to the Jap Pack? Also will it include any japenese music mp3 songs
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    No move list bug (pics)

    Look I didnt have a move list but when i died it came back
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    no life and still going and another bug too (pics)

    First I dont know how this happend LOOK NO LIFE And on this one my charge is till goin but im movin around
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    Gamecube is getting KILLED!!!!

    November 05, 2002 - Data from the past 11 months highlights the fact that in less than a year, Xbox has earned a solid position in the video games industry Xbox has sold more software and has a higher attach rate than any other console system on record. We have sold more than 13 million...
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    ahaha Xbox gets the dbz game ONLINE

    Infogrames is planning to release Dragonball Z game titles for GameBoy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and XBox. The GameBoy Advance version will be released first in May, it will be a fighting RPG game. The PlayStation 2 version of Dragonball Z is scheduled for release this fall, which will be...
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    Scouter question

    1.Will you be able to turn the scouter off for capture the dragonballs? Like the flashlight in cs where u can it it off where no one on the server can use it so its harder to find the dragonballs and u can hide it better. 2.Will the Dragonballs be randomly placed everytime u go to a map or...
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    THis will shock you

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    Esp Omg OMFG HOW DOES IT KNOW I tried 3 times and it guessed right the whole time
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    speed in beta

    hey if u increase your pl will you get faster like in the dbz episodes everytime the get a pl rise they get faster and stronger or are you'll making it like that or like esf alpha 2.0 where only your strength goes up?
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    Found a Piccolo Bug (pics)

    Hey found another bug for you'll to fix Ok when your piccolo fire your laser eyes hold it then power up but while you are powering up the lasers are still going Pics
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    did you'll shrink the models?

    did you'll shrink the models? They look smaller than in the alpha. If you'll did, did you'll do it to make the map look bigger?
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    Not really a bug but u need to do this for models

    you'll need to put a model lock because I can easily change to any character like If I'm Goku I can look like vegeta or be cell use disc while looking like Goku. It's Kind of a bug but you need to do this so you dont have fake ssj goku's running around.
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    Link to esf mod

    Can someone give me a link to the esf mod so i can dl it I dont want fileplanet
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    The Dragonball Movie with real people

    Anyone ever see it