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    Ways to get strong very quick

    yea that doesnt work, typing kill makes ur power level go lower, wtf r u thinking. That all depends on whether or not your opponents have a higher pl than you do. If it is higher yours goes up. If it's lower then your right, it goes down.
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    Another idea

    I would like that you can see the name of the player over his head written in the color of his team (ex Battlefield). That way it would be easier to find friends and team up. Whats so hard about determining red from green? Each player has a diamond shaped thing over their head. Determine...
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    Just a few.

    I agree with Trunks Shadow. Your suggestions are pretty good but some things you mentioned don't need changing. I think it would be cool if the flying speed was increased though. Even if it only increased as you power level increased. Also you should be able to jump higher as you get...
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    Just asking!!!!!

    Normal Gohan has Mesenko. He doesn't have Kemehameha... I know thats spelt horribly
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    Trunks the worst charachter in ESF

    Trunks is great. Although his burning blast or what ever it's called annoys me. At least when my friends use it on me. It took me a while to figure out what was blinding me.
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    Will there be a upgrade for higher levels such as SSJ2 or 3 etc...

    Yes eventually you will be able to transform in to ssj2. I don't know about ssj3 but it's probable.
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    some esf ideas

    Dueling like in Jedi Knight 2 where you and another player can have a private duel amoungst yourselves without interferece. It was cool in Jedi Knight but I don't think it would be good in ESF. Being hit from behind is a part of the game.
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    Perfect cell secret

    lol The truth is out.
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    how do u change into SSJ

    Every time an attack hits your CF meter will go up. It goes up for kills too. And if you play a game where the other players are really high in Ki you well be able to get Ki even faster. The Mod evens out Ki levels to make the game a little more fair.
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    Melee = cheap??

    I say no, However the person using it can be cheap if it's all they do. It's effective though so I like it.
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    Will there be cel shading? (outlines like a cartoon)

    It's just a different type of animation style. heres an example
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    long transformations.

    Thats the idea. It would be real cheap if you could go SSJ as soon as you spawned. I know you can eventually, but that makes sence. The way it is now is fine.
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    wanne know the good tricks

    Yeah, You can aim block struggles, not power struggles... as far as I know. In my experience a power struggle will only blow up once both opponents ki are totally emptied into the blast or it hits something... usually me;).
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    wanne know the good tricks

    I like to fire a special beam cannon at my opponents Kamehameha. Then while they power strugle I fly off to the side and blast them again.;)