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    Refuses to change gametype?

    Hello. When I started my server, via. clicking the 'Create Server Button' in ESF, there was an option called 'Gametype.' It was set on 'Teamplay'. However, I did not want to played Teamplay, but instead wanted to collect dragonballs, therefore setting it to CTDB. Yet when I started the...
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    AMX Mod for ESF?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is an AMX mod for ESF servers. If so, where do I download it? Thanks, Crazy Demon aka "ESF Nuub"
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    Questions from a noob

    Hello. I am Crazy Demon, a typical noob at Earth Special Force. I enjoy your game quite a lot, but I had many questions when playing the game. Therefore I entered these forums to seek answers. 1) I noticed that when I keep losing Ki at random times during the game when I respawn. Why...