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    Team Four Star Voice Pack!

    This isn't really a suggestion but just something a friend pointed out to me. Have you ever thought about asking the guys at Team Four Star to record some things for the game? Even as a completely optional download?
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    Game freezes at "Establishing Network Connection"

    In ESF 1.2.3 (All i'm using additionally is UM-wFs_ModelPack_for_ESF) and when i start up the server, i can select my character and after that it freezes while the topic title message is on the screen. I end up End Task'ing it. Any ideas?
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    ESF 1.3 sv_cheats problem

    Hey there :), i'm trying to use the sv_cheats 1 command and when i restart it says STEAM Validation rejected, now i bought Half Life on Steam so i could try out ESF So i'm a bit confused. :)
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    Goku model question

    Hello there do you know of any Goku ssj models that have that attack he used against frieza (lets call it "You Fool!") for ECX RC2 Bigpack 8.4?
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    Incredibly noob question

    Hello there. Can someone tell me how to add new models to ecx rc2? like the ones found in the ULTIMATE ADDON (or somthing cant think of name atm) sticky? i have the AF pack from there and was wondering how to install it :)
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    Gohan (Adult) idea

    I was thinking what if you guys gave Gohan this move yes its a movie scene but its cool this is how it would work 1. It would be a "final resort" move like vegeta final explosion 2. he must be at 15 health and have 2,000,000 or whatever it takes...
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    Controls question

    Hello there sorry for the questions i don't know much about this. Anyway is it possible to use a controller like a 360 controller for this game? Probably not but you don't know 'til you ask :)
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    esf ecx rc2 bigpack 8.4 frieza question

    How do i activate 100% full power i have the powerlevel and on the icon clicking nothing happens?
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    H1N1 Virus your thoughts?

    I personaly think it's being way too "overhyped". The only people who should be worried are high priority. For the non-highrisk people it's not such a big deal, sure people healthy people even die from it but regular flu also kills why should this be any diffrent? I would just like to hear you...
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    most stupid question ever

    how do you change a character? e.x if i want to switch in the middle of a fight(as in if i die respawn as a new character)
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    dumb question

    Hey this is my 1st post. (weee) I see transformation vids on youtube where they are all alone on the map how do you do that?