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    Power Struggle Explosion

    I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I did not see anything on my 5 second glance down the forum. I was watching dbz the other day, and I came across an explosion during a powerstruggle. It would be pretty interesting if this happened: 2 (or more) people had a power struggle...
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    C4D Wicked Video Tutorial

    I just made this tutorial to promote my website and stuff, so I thought I might as well post it on here. --------------------------------------------------- :: Outcome :: --------------------------------------------------- :: Information :: This tutorial has 41 layers. It is not planned...
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    Yet another new tag

    yet another new sig:
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    New Kiackass Hard Style:: Good sig ^^

    Check this out:
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    New Style, New Sig

    Comments are welcomed... remember I just tried this style and yes it does have a border... I just didnt want a plain black border :P
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    :: New ::

    A few new ones using the same render: This I made a few min ago and this one I made a hella long time ago:
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    Background style wanted???

    Well someone was saying they wanted to know how to make a kool background. Howd you like it if I did a tutorial on how to make a background such as this: <img src="" >
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    Destiny's request thread

    Ok so a few of you wanted me to make siggys for you. Here are the rules: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) The sigs will get done when they get done. I have a lot of other work to do besides sig making so don't complain if it's not here fast enough...
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    Should fluffy be the nex "frieza"?

    I think fluffy should be crowned the next frieza: <img src="">
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    Should fluffy be the nex "frieza"?

    I think fluffy should be crowned the next frieza: <img src="">
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    5 word story!

    This is something that Ive seen on a few websites... rules are simple, you can post at the most 5 words in your answer, and the storyline will randomly progress example: someone posts: he was sitting in a... and another person posts: diner eating some... and another person posts: cheerios...
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    I saw the Billy Talent concert :D

    Billy Talent came to vancouver and I saw it... It was awsome!!!
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    Image cutting tutorial

    Heres another photoshop tutorial I made, this one is in video form... so now you really cant accuse me of copying... I did make this back when was still here... if you gotta a problem, email me and Ill point you out to an admin at that old website. Once again I hope you have...
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    Another tutorial...

    Well because I have been accused me of copying I will post a tutorial that I made long ago... this one is not as good, but it is easier to do (in my opinion) so done accuse me of copying someone again... If you have somethin to say now say it... hopefully it will be an apology <img...
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    swoop idea

    I know there are many swoop ideas going out there, this is just a basic thing. I like the charged swoop and the dashing in the beta, but I think that the longer you hold down the charge before you swoop, the faster you would go, and you would actually be able to see a great difference from...
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    Post your first sig!

    heres mine:
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    Easy photoshop tutorial: Light Abstract

    This is a tutorial that I made about a month ago, its pretty easy and requires Adobe Photoshop which you can get a free trial by clicking here ... This requires you to register your email Comments on the tutorial please <img...
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    I wanna be a bigass Monkey!

    Methinks it would be cool if when something happened, like trying to transform too early, then you would turn it to a giant monkey with mouthblast, and in order to kill him you gotta attack him from behind... thatd be crazy... he should be able to pick up cars and crap like frieza but not with...
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    Woa! Its snowing!!!

    Its been snowing all day and night here :D
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    I was just thinking . . .

    Well I was just in my own server playin with a few people, well, I wasn't actually playing. I was more doing beamhopiing and jumping off walls and stuff. So anyways I was in the middle of a wall jump and was about to do a beam ride when I got smoked into the ground by one of my friends. It then...