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    [Req] anybody ever heard of legend of dragoon

    yao dudes and dudettets its me. im sure that ppl have heard of the game legend of dragoon for the ps. it was a coo game and the transformations rockd. especially for that char named dart{fire dragoon}, anybody who has finished the game knows that he has 2 transes...hope i dont spoil it for...
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    meh drawin im makin

    here it is. for some reason i never finish em bevore i poste em. if u cant see it copy n' paste this
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    vash wallpaper..not done

    here it is but its not done yet. i just wanted some critz before i changed colour of it n stuff if u cant see copy and paste this
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    Suinaides wallpaper (my anime) (not complete)

    this is a wallpaper for the anime im makin. its not complete but i thought i'd show anyways. some mild crits r accepted if u cant see it copy and paste this
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    Genesis sig

    yo i made a new sig for myself(dont be fooled by the symbol) check it out copy and paste the link above if the pic below doesnt work
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    Clan assigning

    Well our clan needs members. The trial is relatively hard but if u wanna try and join either pm me or tell me here. lata. (ps ill be doin the testing)
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    just some bud fixs

    yeh thers a couple of bugs i've noticd like when someone gets too strong and fires a beam it goes out and takes up the whole map and stays ther. it makes everything lag badly and annoys me. then thers the deal of when someone blocks some strong beam. sometimes it works well and some times it...
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    new wallpaper for an anime im makin.

    yo fellas whats happenin. im makin a new anime and im just makin the wallpaper for it to go with this. its about 20-30% complete and i just want to know what you like and dont like ps: its a sort of mountain area. only in a dream(it fits with my anime. ull see in time) if the...
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    weird icky strange...kind of landscape

    oy i kinda got messy while creating something....... well see it as whatevery ou want to see it its a landscape to me like usual if the pic dont work copy and paste this link in ur url bar thingie
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    Go figure..

    well its a new sig...critz heres the link just in case copy and paste it
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    gohan sig

    hey yall. i was thinking of using this as a new sig. only itd be smaller.... tell me what ya think
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    my pics i was pretty bored earlier today so i made this crits wanted
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    ssj3 goku wallpaper

    im makin a wallpaper and i need MANY pics of goku ssj3 i've found few and ....ive just been lazy. if you could find some plz do so and thnx already.
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    bebi vegeta..

    hiya. i was thinking that the esf crew should put in bebi vegeta as a selectable character. even though i havent ever seen an episode with him i do know he has more than one transformation so he might be a useful character to put in.
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    Melee hit...

    sigh i know that the title didnt make any sense. when someone is hit by melee they fly backwards and IN A STRAIGHT LINE. ive noticed this lately, when im low on power and cant stop myself in flight, and its been pissing me off. im thinkign that it should be made so that gravity has some effect...
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    From the pics taht i have seen i have noticed that the sword doesnt look too good. the actual blade should be completely straight like when he figths freeza. just a suggestion.
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    Burning Attack

    this has been said before but i dont think its been said in a thread just about it. Change trunkss' burning attack thingie. you probably got it from the game where he just shoots a little ball at the enemy but it should be a giant ass beam like final flash or kamehameha and really raelly...
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    i think the auras should change color from white to blue cuz white is just boring and when you transform i think that the aura should slowly change colour until thers a giant blast wher it turns yellow. get my drift?
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    model almost done(goku)

    hey remember me. well the model is going ok but its taking longer tahn i anticipated here i kno the arms on this one are messed but i just moved them so you could get a better view. enjoy oh yeah and...
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    admin probs

    allright this topic is about admin commands when i create a server im supposed to be able to type commands and such and i have read the admin command section but when i type something like admin_vote_kick and then the name or something it tells me "unknown command" could somebody help me