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    Status Update: Beta 1

    ack, cant handle big words, such a small brain, AAARRRGGGHHH!!! heeheheeeheheheheee
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    Movie ideas wanted

    i think they are sitting back laughing at us, wasting our breath making all these ideas while they sit there and play the beta. hey, but what do i know. thats what i would do.
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    jeez, ppl at each other again. man.
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    but in the show, Buu was strongest anywayz, so, thats why we have it multi-player, so a team can gang bang buu, lol.
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    Menu Graphics

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    Status Update: Beta 1

    o, thats all. cool. ok thx for the answer Hib. now i know something more. i love knowledge. heheheh sorry. i just love to know things.
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    Status Update: Beta 1

    What does it take to be a tester? Im not asking if i could be one, i just am curious what it takes. I mean every mod has diff. reasons. Ive waited this long, and i can wait longer. To clear this up again for some ppl who think im trying to be one, I DO NOT CARE TO BECOME A TESTER!! to much o...
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    Status Update: Beta 1

    cool. gj everyone. i also like ESF more than dmz. ESF RULES!!!!!!!!!!
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    eh... swedish comersial for esf! (dont now were to put this topic, but plz read)

    hey Tepus, i thought you werent aloud to flame anymore? ****!
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    besides if Trunks had a sword that was stronger than punches and could just make stuff "dead". it would be unfair to everyone else. oh and it does the same as everything else b/c remember when Trunks attack Goku, Goku deflected his sword with his 2 fingers.
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    Need Update!!!!

    um, i have to go to back to school within 20 days. and my parent will not let me use my comp or PS2 or psx or n64 or sega or gameboy or anything till the school yr is over. UNLESS i have a straight A first reportcard. My parents are soo strict.;(
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    If you had One Super Power what WOULD IT BE

    i like the morphing idea. if you could morph, you would take up that persons traits. like i morph into Vegeta, i would get super saiyan powers. THAT WOULD BE COOL!!! o, and to the guy who said he could beat up SSJ4 Goku with Jedi Powers, if you knew enough about Jedi mindtricks, you would...
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    A sad thing happend today

    why would it want to expose itself to funimation? that would be bad right?
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    What is your favorite weapon company?

    i have an ak on my wall in a glass case, and a bunch of handguns and rifles all throughout my house. i loves guns. GUNS DONT KILL PPL! THE BULLETS AND THE PPL HOLDING THE GUNS DO!!
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    New Grand Theft Auto game

    yah i didnt know wether or not to put the ajn pvcsvj vc in but, well, i dont know, i was bored, and there is nothing to do or talk about so, you know. o well. im gonna go to sleep now. night all. thx for the support.
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    Who is the tuffest in dbz [movies & eps]

    i never said he was the tuffest, i said if you gave him time, he would be just as strong.
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    Ant Fights

    FM,CHILL!! man, you ack like a 12 year old who has to get the last word, and like Tracid says man, you spam like you born yesterday. and to say you have 1090, well thats even worse. you made yourself look even more stupid. so, back off. let ppl live there lives. if ppl like you ruled the world...
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    your age?

    16, and i CAN drive my wonderful Honda Civic.:D *head swells with pride*
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    New Grand Theft Auto game

    lmao!! haha, thx. i thought it sounded pretty good.
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    New Grand Theft Auto game

    i like the bike thing, and the chainsaw thing. like, cut off one of their arms, then, steel a bike and peel out on the guys chest, sending blood all over the road/trees/sidewalk/wall/building/pedestrians near by, leaving a mangled corpse of twisted bones behind. and leave like a blood train from...