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    mics? in ESF?

    bind v +voicerecord dosent work oive alredyt tried that....
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    some chars that should be added !

    i think there should be: 1. king ki 2. master roshi 3. yamcha 4. tein 5. chout zu 6. vegetas partner when they come to earth for the first time (**** cnat member his name) somone tell me... thast all i can think of for now.
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    Freezer disks

    how did cell block krillins DD i dont remeber been awhile since ive seen that saga... he problty blocked it with an energy sheild but i bleive that the DD can cut trough any material and there for would kill you. it think both dics are fine in teh game the way they are but u should be able to...
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    mics? in ESF?

    it is fast paced but there is still a littloe strat involved... and uc an mute people.. and u only talk to people on ur team.. if people are insulting just mute them... its ez.. i mean durign the game man not on msn... that would be pointless... like is said when me and my freind were playing...
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    Dragonball related mod/games thread

    ya dmu for ut 2003 three looks prety good, the models need a little work but the galit gun for vegeta looks tight.
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    i dont hjave any idea why, or icant help im just replying to say that suxs that it dosent work, it is a great game (mod), sorry for not helping im board at school...
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    mics? in ESF?

    i was wondering if there would eve be micraphone cababliities in ESF? i think it would be really cool even if there isnt not mutch tem worki involved, me and my freind somtimes talk on teh phone whjile playing 2v2 and i would say :hold em off ill charge my spirit bomb" and so he does.... let me...
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    Transformation sounds?

    the transofmation sounds are only cool and theres only music for the first 2 times or so... after the that they are not as cool, just lik in the show the first time goku go ssj its really sweet agiants freiza, but after that he can go ssj easalie he dosent even need arura, he just changes his...
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    dont critisize all bugs have been reported for the most part, should we just close this section... NO.. let people voice there opinion.. even if its restating.
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    when u look at bright areas on the map u cant see ur scouter and where the person is ive died amny times from this. it needs to be fixed. i know in the show u can see throguht the scouter at somone but u just cant do it here it dosent work. or maybe it could be an option weeather u can see...
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    Hey, couple of suggestions

    very well said.. and agreed with...
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    its an unstable mod right now most bugs like crashing will be fixed in later vesions... but for me however it works fine...havent rashed once
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    how can i UN-register my name?

    any mod?
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    Piccolo! :(

    dis regaurd my comment im a moron i didnt read all the posts...
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    Piccolo! :(

    buu can rechage health... its one of his wepons for piccolo changing maybe not changing but maybe instead when he pwrs up or goes turbo the color of the stuff should be a diffretn color? my opinion... like it matters ha
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    Freezer disks

    freezas disc is better its faster controlable and recallable... both kill instantanious and pwr up at about same speed
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    i have not had problem

    i have had no crashes when using any wepons, my game never crashes not many bugs bothing ever goes wrong... only 4 thigns i c that need to be fixed... 1. u need to be able to go faster when ur just flying around 2. u definetly need to beable to go ssj2 and 3 (i know the new update will have...
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    how can i UN-register my name?

    i want to un register my name becaus i want to cahnge it i just remembered a sig i have for another name and i want to change my name how can i do this?