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    Japanese Translation

    I'm looking for a good site that offers free English to Japanese text translation in english text (not translations into japanese kanji). I had a really good one but the site went down, if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Skinmapped models pt. 2

    Don't be so quick to close a thread, damn. I was talking about skinmapped models as in models with skinmaps that weren't skinned yet. I've obviously searched for the thread, I'm not a noob, and you make me look like a fool by posting the SEARCH button, and the thread I'm looking for is not...
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    Skinmapped Models

    I thought I saw some of these in a thread here somewhere but I can't seem to find them. I'm looking for any models that have a skinmap done. Someone point me in the right direction.
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    Rebal Canaris (Lazy Skin Edit)

    Well, I have this character in a story of mine, and he roughly fits vegeta's description so I made him, among other model edits, but it's the laziest skin edits you'll ever see, all I did was darken some stuff, lighten some stuff and recolour some stuff.... lazily...
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    I just started playing for the first time in months, AND I have a new computer, but the game struggles worse on this one than my old virus ridden p.o.s. Now, I have Cable, A 2.4 GHZ pentium 4 with 512 ram, 60 gig HD with about 35 gigs of FREE space and a g-force 2. The game is so god damn...
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    Leon Spades

    This isn't real fancy, just an original anime character created and drawn/colored by me. I got a few more, but comment on this one first
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    2 sigs

    which to choose!?!?
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    Leon Spades

    another one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the bad guy) NOTE: I'm gonna do a small page for a potential manga with him and Thymos as soon as I familiarize myself with the characters... this one's inspired by my face ^_^
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    Thymos Zev

    means "spirit of the wolf" one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the good guy)
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    Gekitou RPG

    For anyone who is interested in possibly the most well-rounded Text-based DBZ RPG forum online. (click the banner) It's quite active but still could always use for members. That has the most well designed system I've every seen... if you haven't already seen it be sure to check it out...
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    Frieza Model: Proportions

    jus to remind you guys... frieza gets HUGE when in second and third form... see^^^
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    RPG Mode

    okay... I was playing ESF today and my PL was pretty high for the time i played... I don't cheat so high pl for me is like 13 mil... but I was having fun and when I finished I thought: wouldn't it be nice to save my score? the idea: people can play and save they're PL to they're...
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    Your mp3's

    I juss wanna know what everyone who replaced they're mp3's uses for the esf music. me personally... don't ask why, but I use this African Jazz music... idunno why, I juss found it the other day on KaZaA, called Fela Kuti, idunno i hear it and I feel like killing things... What does everyone else...
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    Fat Buu>Evil Buu

    I think when Fat Buu transforms to Evil Buu he should have an animation like this 1: Fat Buu steams out a cloud 2:cloud flashes and Evil Buu appears 3:Evil Buu eats Fat Buu (or zaps him into food or kicks him away if you can't animate the eating.)
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    Earth League

    Whatever happened to the Earth League???? They were all set up before, and now that the Beta is out they're not here to have those matches and things...
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    Dedicated server

    yeah, I used to run a good server for dmz when I played it a long time ago. now I wanna make one for esf beta, but... I forgot how to do those details... u know, the stuff u do in the C:\sierra\half-life\esf\((something)) folder... i member I used to do some sh!t in there and i would get a...
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    New Forum

    I thin there should be a forum section for clans/events. where people can show ip's for servers, or recruit for a clan, or organize a tournament. basically a community section where people just discuss clan involvement and special events and what-not
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    Idea for Gotenks

    this may seem confusing, but here's my idea. we have a model who is chibi Trunks and with that model you have Goten right next to him or behind him, and they attack the enemy together. like it's one player, two models, but they both move to your command. So you push jump, goten and trunks...
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    Piccolo idea

    I think Piccolo's transformation should go something like this, juss for a bit of eye candy and a feel of an actual change form 1: Piccolo with weited clothing (turban and cape) form 2: Piccolo without it form 3: Piccolo gets all bulked up with more muscle
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    Good Ping Server (MeKs Arena)

    Good ping Server. Whenever ur online look for my server, it's not dedicated but it's the best ping when u update, mostly will be around /6 in a server server name: MeKs Arena Server ip: