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    Roleplaying Server

    nickname= ~Cha0s~ name= Bryan rank= ??? age= 13 email= [email protected](NOTE: i never check my mail) AIM= nukem107(NOTE im o nthis alot)
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    How Do I Install It

    na na na na na na noooooooobbbbbl33333333rrrrr who the **** dont know how to ****in click next and click ur esf folder?
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    Problem with Gohan

    then ur comp must be ***z0rs :X
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    A salute

    DUDE DBZ UBUU IM FRON NY ALSO i live in north syracuse you?
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    Buu 'S'

    those are the modles for Dragon Mod Z.....
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    Cowboy Bebop fans?

    why do u keep saying WAS a great anime it still is
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    how to acces my ops?

    hopw do i open my ops to make a avatar and gid be able ot be added cuz in the ns forums its sais "peronal info" and this is ****ign bull **** cuz i dont see it no wear
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    beta1...success? or not?

    this game roxs and is there a way to have my OWN avatar?