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    How Did U Find Esf?

    I read a small artical about it in one of my PC Gamer mags, then i found it on
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    I voted kinda sorta cause im coming off my adiction, I used to play esf for 3 hours and visit these forums once a day, now i only play esf for an hour here and there and i only visit the forums once a week. My adictions will probobly pick up again once 1.2 comes out.
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    Best Game Ever Made for PC

    my favorite pc game is whatever I happen to be playing at the time, wich for now is EV Nova, but i wager will soon be Homeworld 2.
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    Should there be three trans or two in the future

    i think they should have 3 transformations but only if: 1. speed increeses in smaller incramenst. 2. the rate in witch you gain pl increeses. without the first point once you g ssj2 only the best characters will even be able to controll there characters, and without the increes in pl...
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    How much melee do you use?

    depends in normal form 90-100% but as soon as i decide to transform it goes down to about 60% melee 40% beams
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    Who do you hate the most?

    Im surprises no one has brought up that idiot Mr. Satan, one of my favorite sceans in dbz was when he was backhanded into that mountain by cell.
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    Should smoking in bars/pubs be forbidden?

    if you ask me you shoud be able to do anything you want as long as it doesnt infringe on the rights of others... and smoking in public infringes on a persons right to breathe smoke free air. so if you ask me the ban is a good thing, but seperating building into smoking and nonsmokeing areas...
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    Beems or Mele, which is te pwner :p

    i melee 90% of the time in normal form, but as soon as i trans i switch to beams untill someone trys to melee me then i melee them back.
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    Post the contents of your wallet

    Lets see. ATM/credit card college library card a Game cafe card (only been there once) blockbuster card tower giftcard Blood doner card an old ticket to the San Diego Zoo The Shotgun Rules a ticket stub for T3 a full java City card (mmm free coffee) a buckthorns coffee card 1...
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    Three Things You Like The Most and Why?

    3. reading 2. my computer 1. music
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    Melee suggestions

    Out of what ive read i like the idea of whoever swoops the longest wins, also i dont know if its possible but i think the hitboxes should be changed to make it alittle easier for transformed players to hit, most of the time i just fly right through people without hiting them. and one more...
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    Which models do YOU use?

    lest see... i replaced piccolo with samus goku with sephoroth trunks with cloud and cell with brolli, thats about it.
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    RM2K3! YOU Could Be In

    Name: unpronouncable, also goes by Maxim Age: 25 Sex: male Hair Color: None Hair Type: err... do a pair of hornes count? Eye Color: Golden with no wites and slited pupils. Clothing: a loin cloth, and alot of plate like scales if they count. Race: Half-dragon Class: Fighter-Sorceror...
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    3D, is it new D?

    Honestly my preference between 2D and 3D depends on the type of game. For RTS I aggree with Gr00vy that the 2D style is beter, that along with RPGs, but some games like FPSs are much beter in 3D imagin trying to play ESF using the Build engine from DN3D. *shuders*
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    Favorite Anime

    My taists change all the time but right now Berserk and Hellsing are my faves. Guyver will always be one of my faves just for the fact that its the series that got me into anime in the first place.
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    beam boom poof?

    you have a good idea there Pain but i can see people using a kame like a sbc, so i was thinking that you should have to wait a few seconds after you fire the beam to detatch it to prevent spaming, also the detached beam should get weaker as it travels. Also Wolf Devil i respect your oppinion...
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    Cookies or Ice Cream?

    bah you all suck, cheesecake rules all.(jk) Icecream all the way... mmmm mint & chocolate-chip . *drools*
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    A thread to make you think...

    Acording to my college astronomy class there are two ways the univers could end, either the univers will stop expanding and colaps in on itself or the most likely prospect acording to scientist is that the univers will keep expanding and eventually all the stars will die without any more being...
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    esf Islands crash

    no i dont think its a virus, I dont think there would be a virus that would only cause this problem. oh and also I had this same problem back in beta 1.0 but i fixed it with a compleat reinstall of hl and esf. reinstallin esf wasnt enough to get rid of it.
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    esf Islands crash

    no but it was working untill only recently.