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    Chrono Trigger Fanfic

    Shouldn't cyrus speak in old thyme speak with thou and doth and stuff?
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    Skybox is missing

    Since getting a new computer i have had to reinstall half life.. but the cd is scratched and i think i am missing the skybox textures or whatever. Can someone please tell me what these skybox filenames are? You see when i join a game the sky is actually missing, as if you noclipped through the...
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    All Tranformations Regardless of Series?

    lol there already is a balance between transformations since everyone all has the same pl anyway i have no trouble killing an ssj when im in normal form
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    sb ssj

    Isnt he the only one who did it though?
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    Partical System 2.0

    Well because why dload 50 mb of extra frills and graphic **** when you aren't going to use them?
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    Villains (READ B4 U VOTE)

    So your just gonna disregard a dev team statement to say whatever you want ok. This reminds of the mails to phl for picture of the day. The guys are like ok, i know this won't meet the requirements <b>but</b>. *Sigh*
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    Partical System 2.0

    How about instead of this, just add a high quality add on to esf that you can dload if you want that will make everything uber high quality omg my computer is fux0red from the power particle system. They did this with Acherons call 2 and it worked out just fine, the people who wanted the pretty...
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    Ass Beam (Demo)

    half life does it for you
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    Hitboxes as in what the half life engine uses to appropriate whether or not an attack has hit a player. There is a box "drawn" around the player that the engine reads and if any attacks go within that box, it registers as a "hit"
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    My first problem with PS2! Someone Help

    Maybe because you haven't asked them to? I mean seriously don't expect them to drop everything just to fix your one problem that they have to be psychic to know about. Why do you call tech support and ask them for help don't just wait there for them to come to you.
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    Scouter mode?

    Instead of just a scouter on the corner, maybe it could flip down in front of your eye in game. Like cover your pov, that way you could see like auras around charecters and their pl's rising. I just think that would be a really really neat effect.
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    hmm ideas for new moves

    How about for Goku just really fast speed mode? Like its a weapon? And also i like the idea of a powerup move thats like really uses up your ki (more than turbo) and has some cl_fxquality effects. (Moving rocks water) and stuff like that.
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    Frieza Disk Less powerfull !

    Why would the disk affect buu cause cant he just regenerate?
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    is ssj4 more powerful than a golden oozaru

    Well, considering you transform FROM a golden oozaru to ssj4 i would assume its more powerful, u c?
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    My Christmas Scouter

    Actually i looked at the picture and.. it is crap it looks liek he just put it in paint and then colored it half ass with blue, i mean he didnt even do it in the lines. *Edit* Wait... looked at it again... loloololol still crap!
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    bots and fps

    Your crappy ass processor
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    Melee attack bug :/

    Changing mp_nomeleehittime to 0 or some small number can fix this. Since i can smack my bots all around the map. It is very fun and true to the series since just getting hit once rarely happens.
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    y?! are ppl like that

    Maybe he is just making fun of how many people come up with all those "inventive" names. Ooo look its (9)Ssjgoku !
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    Bot Help

    What? Speak english, please rephrase your sentence so we can understand you.