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    Opera + This site = messed up

    damn, you read my mind, i use opera 2, i think its the best brower, much better then IE, and about the fucx0ring up! tis is only 1 of 3 site that i visit that is bad in opera (and i visit _MUCH_ sites ;) ) so if you would take a look at it so it works (better, navigation is all gone ill post...
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    Hiding you Powelevel

    Hideing ??? never hurd of that?? :rolleyes: and second, yes for those 2 things, scouter hiding and to trick players!
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    Hiding you Powelevel

    Ive searched for this, didnt find anything, heres my idea In the series, ill give just 1 example, when trunks fights frieza on earth all those peeps are like: "eeuh man WTF only a powerlevel of 5 whaaaahhaha n00b" oke not quite like this but you get the idea. could it be possible for a...
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    Dedicated Servers

    I want to know when the linux version is here!!! Cause then ill try to put is on some fast dutch ded servers :D Cause then everybody will be happy1 Cause then Everybody who doest play ESF yet wants to Play is 2 Cause then ..... OMG im freaking out here, I want the beta!!!!!!! Greetz...
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    Whens The Beta out?

    whoaaa 27 thats just before "sinterklaas" ill put it on my "verlanglijstje" :P and for the non-dutch peeps : in time for a christmas like party :D
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    Dedicated linux ESF server problem

    First up, Nice Mod! Im running a ded,linux server cs tfc and much more, about a week ago i tried to also run a ded. linux esf server and it dident work that good heres some probs: 1e: When connecting and entering the server there are no probs but when in game all the "attacks" end up in a big...