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    new attacks

    there is a number of ways that gohan's attack can work: 1, gohan fires ki blasts till his energy is all gone 2, he attack's with combo then uses mesenko (this uses all his energy) and 3, his ki goes up lots and lots (around 2,000,000 ki) for a short time or untill he gets hit or hit by a...
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    Vegeta Kamikaze

    But have you ever use gohan's shield attack, if you let people hit you with beams as gohan has his shield up, this powers up your shield attack and if you fire it after some powerful beams, that can tack out the everything in the map, so i thing its cool to have that effect.
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    transformation updates

    I think that you should blast poeple back with some of your ki whild your transforming like what cell dose, when he's just absorbed No.18 and is becoming perfect, Trunks trys to attack him but cell blasts him back with his charging power.
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    idea for ultra saiyans

    But what about gohan, he scips ussj and goes up to ssj2, plus he powers up before he fight's cell, i think that the should of gone to ussj like everyone elts.