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    esf excutable out of date wtf does that mean?

    Can someone please explain that to me cause first it said that about esf then my counter strike now I can't play a damn thing this is the second time this happen I play esf for a couple of hours than later I get this error message is there away around this other than re-installing this mod cause...
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    I Need Help Please Someone Anyone Please!!!

    i was just esf last night this afternoon when i tried to play instead o getting into the server it said esforces excutable outdated wtf is going on is there a new beta versio other than 1 or a I missing something here please someone answer my call. Thanx:)
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    is there a newer version than beta1 or patches out?

    Because when I tried to play to day it said your esforces is out dated now updating and it didn't update anything and yes I have beta1 someone please help. Thanx:)
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    does anyone else have problems with this game crashing?

    I know it's the beta version in all but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem cause it all ways seem to happen to me when I start a game by myself and do goku spirit bomb attack the game just shut off and I'm at my desktop again this. This also happens sometimes when I'm online with...