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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    I reckon for the next beta/patch for ESF, the game should focus less on melee by either: decreasing speed of the swoop, or making a successful melee attack only push you against a wall/floor 20% of the time (for the other 80%, just have the opponent nudged back), or having a recovery...
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    Developers: When are you leaving ESF?

    To the developers of ESF: when will u be quitting ESF? will you go on after beta 2? (to those who dont remember, some months ago the ESF team announced that ESF was gonna be the last free-lance project they make, as they plan to do a commercial release. if i remember correctly.)
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    Beta Frame Rate

    will i be able to run ESF smoothly? - as a guide, I can play the graphically intense Natural Selection at a (barely) acceptable frame rate. I dont have a problem running other mods (including the un-scaled alpha ESF) thx
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    (new) beta questions (manual confusion- help!)

    Some questions id like answering after reading the manual: 1. Struggles - the manual says you've only got to hold the mouse? i thought u had to tap it (thats what i did in the alpha!), although i can see why you dont have mouse tapping (because of the people who create scripts to auto-click)...
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    the beta - big or small?

    can one of the team members tell us how big the beta will be (file size)? and break it to me easy doc, im on 56k (and yes i will be downloading it on the day of release. Stuff you LPB's)
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    Plz help! (PC teccy question)

    with the release of the ESF beta and natural-selection just around the corner, ive decided to upgrade my gfx card. at the moment ive got two voodoo 2 cards running in SLI mode (totals 16mb (with an embarrasing p450mhz pc)),ideally id like to double this (to a 32mb+ card), but there are a few...
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    how does the scale-down affect fps?

    just wondering how much of an effect the scale down has, i wanna know if the maps are 4x larger (which will screw up my fps) or if the models have been made 4x smaller (which in theory shouldnt affect fps - or if anything improve them) only asking because ive got an ageing computer (p450mhz...
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    is the beta stable yet?

    just wondering how stable the in-team beta is now, not heard much about the stability since we were told that beams no longer cause the game to crash. and is stability the main thing we are waiting for before the beta is released (excluding the odd piece of music or skin)? thanks
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    DMZ 1.7 out tomorrow! (sunday 14th)

    check out 2morrow for 1.7 - which will have reduced lag, better gfx and brolli.
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    ESF Site - the conspiracy

    2 explanations why the site is not up yet: 1) It was going to be re-opened the day DmZ v1.7 was out, so people would pay less attention to the rival (DmZ). But with DmZ being delayed till this friday, the site is also having to be delayed 2) It sez 'site returns 4th july'....what makes u...
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    What's with the top-secret hud?

    So is the new heads-up-display (shows health/ki/PL) just a grpahical update? It'd be a shame if it was - it'd be pretty lame of u guys to create some suspense if the nubers are just shown in a new font... ;) oh and whats with the guys with the 3-figure posts? - all they seem to do is...
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    interview with ESF's vegeta....+ exclusive pics

    Vegeta from the Earths Special Forces team has been interviewed by ActionRealm: As well as the interview itself, there are also a total of 11 exclusive screenies to go and see too. Here are links to the best ones...
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    optional downloads for the beta

    when the beta comes out, can u give us 2 dif. versions - one with the mp3's one without; its just that: 1. i dont like the mp3's :devil: 2. they are about 20Mb in total - which is about 1.5 hrs of downloading for people like me on 56k cheers
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    DMZ Is Dead!!! (its up to u now ESF)

    theres been a mass mutiny with the dmz staff, go see this thread: the remaining staff have stated the mod is still goin along fine - but thats a load of crap. Looks like DmZ is dying a horribly-slow death Which means more pressure on...
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    what's left to be completed for the beta?

    ....subject sez it all much is left to do in terms of models/animations/sounds etc... thx
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    Is Vegeta evil?

    i've only being watching dbz the past 6 months....and something ive always wanted to know - is vegeta evil??? i assume he was meant to be the bad-ass-guy at the start of the series (killing off the other saiya-jin that travelled with him to earth (nappa?)), but after that he doesnt do...
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    (Fusion) What if....

    Hey, if Trunks fused with Brolly - would the hybrid be called Trolly? ...and his special attack would be 'flaling wheel attack' lark...