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    SSJ transformations

    i think that wen u go SSJ u get a really big golden aura and maybe a little ground shaking effect and a cloud of dust swirling around u sorta liek wen gohan went super saiyan 2 during cell games
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    Big Bang Attack

    darkling thats a good idea to choose the size of ur beam but u know everyone will be picking the big ones so it'd need a double edged sword effect. u shoot big beam u lose all ki or sometin. i think it'd also be cool to challenge ppl to a beam struggle liek in jedi knight where u can challenge...
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    Kingdom Of Hearts (GO SNAPPLE)

    i got destroyed! after u bring back kairi and go back to the beauty and the beats place the monsters owned me
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    letz make a clan

    well i really wanna make a lcan cuz it'd be fun i dont know what to name it though and i dont know if anyone will join lol. 18 Snapple is flavored iced tea (peach is da best) i think if 18 joins she'll be my right hand man
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    well if u guys dont liek the sounds they give u with game make ur own like i did it aint that hard...
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    wat im saying is the aura should look liek the one Vegeta has in Dark-princes gif of him doing the final flahs to goku. hat would be perfect. normal goku should also have a red aura to represent the kaioken attack
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    the SSj aura definately needs to be bigger i'd say twice as big. if its bigger it'll becoe more transparent also but i hink it should have a spinning efect llike in DMZ o Bid For Power cuz its a reall cool effect and wen u power up little rocks and particles should come outta the ground. i think...
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    Ki Energy

    im actually surprised with this ki, im convinced its real and my firends and family say its real too. i tried it for the past 3 days and wen i try to make a ki ball i feel the tingling and burning and in the dark i saw a quick flash of bright red light mixed with white before i lsot...
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    if any aura i say use the BFP aura or try to make it look like it does on the show where its just outlines the character and flows up to the top
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    yea it was on the kami look out map with the corrin tower and hyperbolic time chamber and u can go down to earth and stuff
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    Ki Energy

    weird...........i dont beleive it for a seocnd but im so bored that i'll try it. im going to master it and kamehameha my soc teacher muahahahahahaha!
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    Ut2003 Performance

    i got ut2003 from malasia and i installed it and it lags like B**** i dont know how to fix it
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    yes exactly 2.0 has a good aura if it was more lcear and animated it should spin or do sometihing to make it move and look more liek on the show
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    i think aura should loo more like the one on the show then a bunch of triangles put together in the shape of a pyrmid i also think the SSJ aura should be more clear or transparent so u can actually see what your character is doing rather then seeing a blob of yellow light
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    Special Moves

    it wasn't my moniter i know what i saw, if i see the person agaiun i'll tell em to do it and i'll make a screenshot then will you belive me!? my moniter cant randomly say final flash outta nowhere and it doesn't dim cuz its brand new and a good moniter
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    Meteor Smashes

    hey are you guys gunna add in meteor smashes? like in Dragonball GT : Final Bout
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    Special Moves

    well the problems already here but if he had had a high pl the words "FINAL FLASH!" shouldn't go across the screen and the screen shouldn't have dimmed either.
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    1 player

    hehe i figured you would say that but it was worth a try ;-)
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    Special Moves

    yes i have played esf i've played it 24/7 for last 2 weeks and the screen dimmed a lil and the ground shaked and the words FINAL FLASH! went across screen then i saw the beam and died and it was like 3 times bigger then normal final flash
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    1 player

    damn it would be sooooooooo cool i would even volunteer to help cuz im a good artist and 3d designer and stuff