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    ESF 10-Year Public Release Anniversary

    Gratz on the years ESF keep it coming! All i have to say is Big Bang attack on the small maps in alpha was a total gibs fest hehe
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    Old School Videos

    ha that first video you have there is me and gr00vy fighting ha i remember that :D
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    [Riced] and other old schoolers - still around?

    Ahoy mates Old School Days eh? Aimbot, Egos and yeah the Egos ;) My two cents Back when I started this in the alpha times it was fun falling and beaming people as i fell and it was a nice tactic. I was called cheap would blow servers up back then with vegeta and that big bang attack was so...
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    Anyone Still Play ESF?

    Ha its antoni! I just had to post :D I remember back then messing around with your sig whenever you would move the mouse over gohan would scream gave me a good laugh. But yeah i was never into DBZ to much but i loved the fast pace action in esf untill they they jumbled it up after 1.2 etc :o
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    Esf clans

    hmm i would have to say cough im in my own clan by myself called ~{ape}~ cough the extra space makes it diffrent then the other one.. :rolleyes:
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    Well since gohan really did get me to poke my head into esf again... Once i saw some of the old people talk in this thread I had to say hey :) Yes falling beaming was the best and most messed up way of fighting :rolleyes: But in any case its was still fun and like always everyone hated it..
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    Its funny how some noob out of no where says he is EvilChimp and gave me a hack that he so called edited. When he didn't do a jack thing. Hacks are going to be around no matter what you do guys. Best thing to do is just get them and use it on the hackers like i did. The only reason i hacked was...
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    Hero: The movie

    Here is my two cents on the movie.... Im sooooo sick of seeing the same people die 3 times.... And that master's chick going crazy over his death... And that stupid flying stab move.... god I can see that comming like a mile away why can't they dodge that... The water fight seen was just...
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    esf is ruined

    Well it has become a bit more buggy and less skilled for some. But I know that the team is making fixs for it soon. So I say we should sit tight and see what they could come up with. :]
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    esf 1.2 ;)

    Lock the ape server only let apes in and play until we figure it all out. Thats how we do things I guess. :smile:
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    question about blast radius

    Im sort of disappointed. From the looks of Freedom’s video, the blasts in 1.2 will looks smaller. Freedom was ssj vegeta and he used a final flash and it looked like a generic beam explosion in 1.1 What happened to the large big BOOM that would take up the screen. :(
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    [SA] Clan is gone

    We stay consistant because we are a group of friends. ESF isn't there for us to be a clan. The clan is there so all of us can be togather as friends. We just have a common goal, and that is to have fun playing ESF. :)
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    instant teleport

    Wait so everyone can do it or is it a power up? That sure would suck if its not. On guy uses it can kill all.
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    Moon Base.

    Yea that would be awsome then we could have fights in space ! Star wars! ta daaa! o_o
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    Right mouse button is all time melee.

    I know but all that will do is select melee for me. What will be the use melee button then? Thats why I want an all time melee button.
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    Right mouse button is all time melee.

    I think the melee should be on a button it self no need to switch to it. All other attacks like beams should be left mouse button. When you want to blow up a beam you double click the left mouse button. I think that would speed up the melee in 1.2. Since now you can swoop anytime you want it...
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    I think its a underworld club! And there are two zombies doing the WORM with the DJ being the colorful guy up top. And the admin doing a brake dance in the middle. :)
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    Unofficial: Namek Map Contest

    I dunno... What gives me the "wants" to make a namek map if there is no prize in the end. O_o I think your just doing this because you want a new namek map to play in. :S
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    Current Best Players?

    Im going to have to say pcjoe,nightshade,groovy,pan is my best challenge any day. I don't only judge by skill but how they react everytime something happens. My rules go by people who: 1.) Don't flame noobs. 2.) Crash servers. 3.) Use scripts to get there chances higher. 4.) Macho...
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    Double Tap Swoop?

    So wait a minute, tell me this joe. If i double tap mouse and hold my right strafe key I will swoop sideways to my right? Kind of like the teleport works? Swoop in anyway you hold the directional keys down? I would love that idea :laff: