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    bored. going crazy :-(

    This may be a little off topic, but I think I heard someone say NOT to play CS? I don't know, but I thinks that's blasphemous...*checks the Bible*...yep, I'm right. CS ROCKS, and ESF will after I get cable and the new version. OH YEAH!
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    S_AeroBass_SJ Read(Sorry Its in this Forum)

    It's perfect, Supreme, thanks a lot for making it. I'll download that software once it lets me, then you can teach me how to do that too :) thanks again, peace.
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    Yea Supreme, I'd appreciate it if you did that. The sig you made is quite decent. Koblano, if someone took my work and used it, I'd take it as a compliment, because they thought it was good. It's just a sig anyway, nothing really important. I know I haven't ever had my work stolen, but I...
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    Thanks a lot man, it looks really good. Sorry for bein a ***** about it, I had no idea it was yours. It's lookin good though, and thanks again for bein a good sport about it. Peace.
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    Hey man, I'm really sorry about that then. He told me he got new software and showed me some sigs, I thought they were his. I was suspicious though because he's had it for less than 2 days probably. I don't have the software to put your name on it. If you could take mine and put your name on...
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    I'll have to talk to my friend about that one. I think on the forums he is Supreme Sayajin or something like that. I swear to god I didn't steal it from koblano, I don't know where his are or anything, and I've never seen one that looks like this anyway. If you have a huge problem with me...
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    Sorry everyone for putting this here, I tried sending him a private message, but his mail-box was full, so it wouldn't send. Koblano, I got this sig from a friend, I don't know what your talking about how it is yours. Moderators, I'll give you the e-mail of the person who made it if you want...
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    so? like it?

    I'm liking the site man, REALLY liking the site. All that needs to happen now is the release of the next version. I think the yellow goes good with the blue, but that's just me. Peace man, good work.