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    animation program

    wut is a good animation program u can download on line fr free or trial
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    Elemental Fusion Animations - Veggeto

    what is a good animation program u can download for free thx
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    Half-Life 2 ESF

    Half-life 2 is coming out in September and looks sweet any way i think it has a whole new engine and like 3-4 times better grphics and animation so will esf be converted or not or.......... maby im retarded
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    full beta 1.1 client

    i cant find it and on the main page it wont download im sorry if this has been posten a thousand times i did not know i apalogize but put the link here that works and keep this page updated thx
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    my mucic vids

    I got 2 i made a while back one is dedicated to vegeta the other is about movie 10 11 12 but i need someone to host or something so people can watch them
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    NOOOOOOOOO!!! it can't be

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    NOOOOOOOOO!!! it can't be

    Dragon Ball Z is over i just watched the last episode I think i am going to cry i have been watching dbz since about 5th grade db since third and it is over i actually shed a tear but we must cherish the moments when we watched a new episode or like when vegeta cried on namek and we vegeta...
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    music video's

    yeah i have made about four or five music vids for dbz
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    Real player movie question

    how do you edit or make movies on real player i have been makeing them(DBZ music vid)on windows but real player is much more better if you want to see my vids give me you e-mail im not advertising im just want to see what you think and ive see lots of people make them on real so thanks for your...
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    Sound Pack Help

    can some one tell me a good wav dbz site that has english attacks on it and does some one have a wav where goku is going ssj3
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    about trunks his sword

    i know he did not break it in trunks speacial but how he have it he also broke it in androud saga (well he chip it) sory bad english
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    about trunks his sword

    is it just me or did trunks break his sword more than once in movie 7 in android saga and in the speacial history of trunks how the hell did he have the sword he got it in the flash back in movie 13 that is just my thouts
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    DVD question

    how can you put the movies into windows movie maker i make music videos (good ones, well i think) and i got movie 8 12 and 11 on dvd this weekend and i want to make a music vid please help
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    Wav files for sound pack

    my computer wont download them im trying to make a goten soundpack
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    RAR file help plz

    hey thanks got it to work :) O_O :)
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    RAR file help plz

    what do i need to open rar files the one i got is majinvegetassj4rar.rar plz help thx
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    I got A DBZ quize for you

    sry about the yamcha thing but if you remeber back it is sorda a spirit bomb because it made out of energy from things around him Kami said all that FUNimation sucks they cut out to much and dubb wrong (like the yamcha thing) oterwise there good does muten roshi die
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    I got A DBZ quize for you

    yeah i agree with Hitokiri no that i think about it
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    I got A DBZ quize for you

    sry about the wait but my computer mest up and sry about the movies just wondering if any one wanted sry 1 yamcha 2 gohan 3 goku vegeta gohan trunks goten nappa raditz and the 2 u see in the room of spirit and time :} 4 vegeta gohan because i dont count goten or yashorbe...
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    I got A DBZ quize for you

    Ok dont cheat here are the question answers on the bottom 1. who first uses spirit bomb in dbz that u see 2. what z fighter never dies 3. how many sayins do you see in the dbz seris not movies or flash backs 4. who has stronger base power when vegeta fights goku (no kaikan ozzura)...