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    I was wondering where I could find a program that allows you to preview how the lighting will look on your map before you have to compile it and check it out. If there are any other programs that would be useful could I please get a link/discription of them?
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    Assistance please

    Nevermind, I figured out what my problem was. Thread can be locked... Edit: As you wish.. ~Engar
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    Jump System

    My suggestion is for the jump system. I'm thinking a good change would be jumping backwards. When you jump backwards, you only jump half as high. But you move back twice as far. This could be very useful for dodging beams, ki-blobls, and maybe even melee.
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    Ok here's my idea When you powerup you regain ki, and now its at max, no reason to use it anymore till your ki drops again right? Well lets stay that if you keep holding down the powerup button when your ki is fully charged, you'll gain pl, but at a very very slow rate. The rate would be high...
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    Generic Beams

    Ok you all probably now, there are times when you just join a server and someone has a really HIGH pl. And he uses Generic Beam on you, you pretty much die right? Or your try to block it or whatever or try to beam it back with no hope of success. This idea is for those who first join servers and...
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    Time Limits for Overpowered Beams

    I was thinking since spamming of overpowered beams seems to be such a problem in ESF servers, maybe there could be a time limit? For example your SSJ Vegeta and you just used Final Flash: to keep you from spamming it you have to wait something like 20-30 seconds before you can use it again...
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    One of my very first sigs ever!

    what ya think?
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    I was wondering if someone could make a sig for me of kidbuu... This pic is a little small, but I don't mind if you use a different picture of kidbuu. I would like the color quality to be similar to this if possible.
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    need Help from those who have free TIME!

    Hi, wanted to say that I'm interested in model making. I would like it if someone could give me a link to a good 3d modeling program that I could get for free, if possible. And I would like someone to personally train me to use the program, or at least point me to some really good tutorials. I...
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    Kamehameha for Gohans first form!

    :S I really think that gohan should have the kamehameha wave even in his first form.
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    A Few Ideas for Attacks

    I have some ideas with which could be used for future ESF mod patches. If i have used some ideas that others have thought of before, I apologize for not reading your thread about it... (i will issue more ideas later) Cell: Absorption - A grabbing attack for cell. You just do something like...
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    Request for Kid Buu sig

    Hi, can someone plz make me a sig for Evil Kid Buu? It would be much apreciated :)
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    Sig Request

    Can someone please make me a sig about "Evil Kid Buu"?:confused:
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    Request for a map maker

    I was wondering, Could someone who knows to map make a special map for me? If you will heres what i would like in it: 1) A large moutain area with trees and grass. 2) A small building(kinda like goku's house). 3) A ship a little ways into the sky(with a button to open a door). Last)...
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    Sig help

    When you get a sig how do you add it on (unless i need a certain amount of posts to do this.)
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    Something wrong with snakeway_v2

    I downloaded the map and every time its about to go in it says its missing a sprite or something like that. Where do i get the file thats missing?
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    problem with bots

    Every time i go into game i type in stuff for the bots to join the game but only 1 out of every 10 actually attack, the rest stand still and do nothing now matter how many times i knock them around. What should i do?
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    How do i open a current esf map in the map editor?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open an esf map with hammer editor?
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    Where can I get a map maker to make ESF maps?

    Can someone plz give me a site to download a map maker? I'm really interested in making some ESF maps