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    how long would it take for me to dl ESF on a 56k modem????
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    Wost Person in ALL ANIME

    Majin vegeta Pickachu Yuskei Yurameshi Sailor Moon (everyone)
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    A day at the fights

    Ok i am working on my writing skills so ive started this new i need ya peoples help please send me anybody from any type of TV show, Video Game, or whatever. That you would like to see fight then send me where you got them from then sen me a brief description of who it is...
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    could someone here possibly tell me where i can get a dbz mod for Unreal or Unreal Gold, Pwease :(
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    this was proabobly already mentioned or already in the game BUT shouldnt there be somthing were if a powerfull blast is missed and hits the ground er somthing, and explosian happens and if anyone is near it they get hurt by it, and the range is all depeneding on the Ki put into the blast and...
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    hey people, anyone know of any kind of free good MMORPG's oh and visit these 2 sites, there pretty good gimme some input
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    if anyone here at all plays mugen add me to yer AIM/ICQ/MSN list or atleast post a site here to dl stages and characters...thanks -The Ultimate Lifeform-
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    i got a sort of idea, and i need some input well i was thinking that there could be a story mode, a online mode though it would have about 4 people in a room at once (the rest spectators), then there would be a certain number of overly powerful NPC's that the people must stop. Once...
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    who should think that there should be more manouverability in flying, to make it fun to play and much more interesting game play?
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    Questions and Sujestions

    Question: 1. Why arent there any of the old characters in the game, like RanFan and Nam :tired: 2. have the creators ever had a big tournament for everyone. Sujestions: 1. I sujest that if the creaters havent created a turney that they do, i could create the rules and sh....stuff...