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    Yo guys

    can you help me make esf work I have counterstrike but it wont let me play for some reason i type -game esf n cs just starts up lol.
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    Help ([U]1 [/U] [U]2 [/U])

    1 My esf one one of my computers keeps crashing and I dont know why it gets to where its about to join them blam crash HELLLP
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    Having some trouble shooting

    Alright I have 3 comps on a lan that me and my friends play esf on, however i took a break for ahwile cuz of some rpgs i played, anyway when I reinstalled esf it works on 2 comps but on the 3rd what happens is its joining the game and right as it looks like its ready to start *screen slowly...
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    Any way to modify pl?

    Does anyone know how you can modify your power level because sometimes I just feel like setting everyones powerlvl to 50 million and having a frag fest lol
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    Can u change powerlvls

    Alright I was just wondering is there any way if your the host you can set your power level because that would save me alot of time. If u know how please tell me and if your on aim my instant messanger name is DBSTrunks. Sorry if this was already asked before I'm a newb to the boards and game...