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    World of Warcraft

    the best game ever my opinion...LAUNCHED TODAY!!! (11/23/04) Wondering if anyone else will be playing? (getting mine in 45 minutes waiting for mom to pick it up) :devgrin:
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    Best Quotes of all Time (and proverbs)

    Post your personal favorite (or just some good ones -nuff said) i dont have a favorite but i like (proverbs) War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. Virginity like bubble, one prick all gone. Man who eat prunes get good run for money. Wife who put husband...
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    can someone give me a link to a FREE japanese font need it for school gotta type a report up in japanese characters
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    ok ive been saving my allowence for several months now (10$ a week) and i got 90$ and im wondering what computer game would be good?... any ones out there that just fuc*ing rock???? TELL ME All help is greatly appreaciated -SPiN_Fan...but SPiN is no more.......
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    i NEED to learn binary code (reason cannot be told and it not to hack ****) i spend 3 hours searching the net for a good site on binary code and......NOTHING please god someone help me you will be granted with blessings in 3 languages...(really) :cry:
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    The 1331 Keyboard

    Sad But True
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    Weapons (post 'em)

    Hey everyone post your weapons anf of them if you can (im bored) Heres my weapons 32' Katana Blowgun Harpoon Gun Longbow Various Knives and Daggers SORRY BUT MY DIGITAL CAMERA IS BROKEN PICS NOT AVALABE AS OF 10/26/03 POST PICS OF WEAPONS IF YOU CAN
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    yet another picture from my friend no he didnt trace it
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    The Big Fight

    by weston (not me its my friend) Let me tell you of a story I know about a boy named Goku jr. the 2and. Little Goku, was born in the wilderness along with his brother, Gochi. Goku and Gochi played together as children and fought as teenagers, with Goku always losing, and/or being thrown to...
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    The Dan Die Collection

    the dan die collection..............#4 & #5 follows more comming soon Links removed due to obscene language.
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    its another one from my friend YO

    it be called yo i wonder why
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    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend
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    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend
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    Majin Goku a picture

    another picture from my friend
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    Gogito a pictue

    my friend drew this picture........... the picture my friend
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    Dragonball Help please

    what do they do immortality-cant die strength +1mil pl (i think) friendship-?????????????????? tell me
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    Stanz Look Here

    ok i was on the ESF forums and i saw your remake of the vegeta trans and scream sounds and i said OMG I NEED THEM so can you send them to me? (in a zip file through e-mail) i dont have MSN sorry -SPiN_FAN MY E-MAIL HERE p.s. i am posting this because my e-mial server...
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    is this bug or not?

    i was playin with my friend and we were praticin power struggles and when theyu colided i transported to a black screen and i couldnt move bug or sys problem?:fight: :cry: