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    Mic help

    I'm looking for a good mic to use with halflife games that require vocal team communication (cs, ns, etc.) Does anyone have any recommendations? If you do please tell me both your favorite overall, and which you think is the most economical, I'm not looking to spend to much on it. Thanks for any...
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    Final Flash

    You can't beam jump using Final Flash. I don't know if this was intended, but it seemed worth mentioning.
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    Dragonball test map

    I used to have a map in which all the dragonballs were close together, but I can't find it anymore. It was very useful for seeing how a model looked transformed, or just to show off the transformed characters to my friends who haven't played yet. Does anyone remember and have a link to this map...
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    Non-Battle Damaged Gohan Model

    I've been searching the forum for a link to a site with AzN's non-battle damaged gohan model, but all I can find are the battle damaged variety or the red suit version. Could anyone give me a link to it. Thank you for any help.
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    Install Problems

    Installation of 1.1 keeps crashing at checking for previous installed components, I've uninstalled beta 1.0, installed it, then uninstalled it again, any ideas, thanks for any thoughts.
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    I reinstalled halflife on my new computer and can't bring up the console, and I can't remember how I fixxed it the last time. Any help would be most appreciated, thank you.